Professor, Biology


College of Science


Department of Biological Sciences



Naraghi Hall of Science N263

Ph.D., George Washington University.
Interests: Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Biology, Parasitology, Environmental Biology.

My academic interests broadly revolve around the fields of Marine Invertebrate Ecology and Parasitology. The field of Marine Parasitology remains largely overlooked; as such, I incorporate crustaceans to study host-parasite interactions at population and community levels in the marine realm. I also incorporate crustaceans in environmental studies because they are common and conspicuous in a wide range of habitats, play key roles in aquatic food webs, and may serve as indicator organisms in contaminated waters. My current projects include investigating microplastics contamination in water, sediment and selected biota in Monterey Bay, as well as in various riverain sites in selected Central Valley counties in California.

  • Invertebrate Zoology (ZOOL 4420)
  • General Parasitology (ZOOL 4440)
  • Marine Ecology (BIOL 4630)
  • Principles of Biology (BIOL 1010)
  • General Biology II (BIOL 1150)
  • Environmental Biology (BIOL 2650)
  • Frontiers of Biology (BIOL 3000)

Monterey Bay, California
Monterey Bay, California
Mole crab Emerita analoga
Mole crab Emerita analoga
Parasite larval stage (cystacanth) from mole crab
Parasite larval stage (cystacanth) from mole crab
Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

Bhaduri, R. N., Yamaguchi, T. J., Munguia, K., Sandhu, R. K., and Coffey, V. R. 2022. Impact of the acanthocephalan parasite Profilicollis altmani on the fecundity of its crustacean intermediate host, the Pacific mole crab, Emerita analoga. Invertebrate Biology. 141: e12362.

Bhaduri, R. N., 2020. Infections by the trematode Microphallus nicolli and the acanthocephalan Profilicollis altmani in relation to the reproductive condition of their intermediate host, the Pacific mole crab Emerita analoga. Animal Biology. 70: 417–425. 

Bhaduri, R. N., Hilgers, M.S., Singh, R., and Hickman, M. E. 2018. Coexistence patterns of two larval helminth parasites associated with their intermediate host, the Pacific mole crab Emerita analoga Stimpson, 1857 (Decapoda: Anomura: Hippidae). Journal of Crustacean Biology. 38: 278–284.

Bhaduri, R. N., Valentich-Scott, P., Hilgers, M., Singh, R., Hickman, M., and Lafferty, K. 2017. Facultative parasitism by the bivalve Kurtiella pedroana in the mole crab Emerita analoga. Journal of Parasitology. 103: 646-651.

Bhaduri, R. N. and Wolf, M. W. 2017. Saccate thallus of the red alga Halosaccion glandiforme harbor diverse invertebrate fauna. International Aquatic Research. 9: 169-176.

Bhaduri, R. N., Valentich-Scott, P., Hilgers, M., and Singh, R. 2016. New host record for the California mussel Mytilus californianus (Bivalvia, Mytilidae), epibiotic on the Pacific sand crab Emerita analoga (Decapoda, Hippidae) from Monterey Bay, California (USA). Crustaceana. 90: 69-75.

Bhaduri, R. N. and Crowther, A. L. 2016. Association of the mysid Idiomysis inermis with the sea anemone Stichodactyla haddoni in Moreton Bay, Australia. Marine Biodiversity. 46: 707-711.

Recent Awards

Fulbright Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship Award 2021

As a recipient of the Fulbright Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship Award in 2021, my collaborators and I investigated microplastic contamination in the Western Himalayas’ River Baes in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Fulbright Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship Award in 2021
Western Himalayas
Western Himalayas
River Beas, India
River Beas, India

Faculty Award, The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi. 2019.