Activities Support Graduate Students, Inform Undergrads About Grad School
March 21, 2021

Stanislaus State’s Center for Excellence in Graduate Education (CEGE) is observing Graduate Education Week March 22-26 by offering 20 virtual workshops covering a range of topics, from applying to a graduate program to career goals and resume building after the hooding ceremony. 

The workshops are designed for students enrolled in master and doctoral programs, as well as undergraduate students who are thinking about taking their educations to the next level. Students can RSVP in advance to participate. 

For undergraduate students, sessions have been designed as an accessible space where students can be comfortable exploring the topics and activities they would encounter in graduate school. 

“We want this Graduate Education Week to be an inviting window where the Stan State community can take a look at graduate school and learn more about what it’s like to be a graduate student,” said Virginia Montero Hernandez, faculty director for CEGE and associate professor of Advanced Studies in Education. 

For students already in a graduate program, the workshops address the complex issues and challenges they face and offer help with the skills they need to develop to engage successfully in their classes, said Montero Hernandez. 

On the slate of workshops, students will find sessions focused on presentation, study and writing skills; tips for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing; explanations of the many services available to graduate students; and strategies that students of color can employ to become successful graduate students. 

Above all, Montero Hernandez wants to spread the message that graduate school is accessible to anyone willing to engage in transformational learning experiences. 

“Graduate school is meant to be an empowering opportunity for those who dare to keep growing as learners and individuals,” she said. “Here at Stan State, CEGE works every day to create responsive ways to support our students’ personal projects. We invite our students to believe in their capacity, invest in themselves and reach their higher potential.”