February 14, 2020


The CSU Chancellor’s Office has issued updated guidance for colleges and universities based on recommendations from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) regarding the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in China.

The CDPH recommends that all travelers from mainland China arriving in the United States since February 3 should be excluded from school for 14 days, beginning the day after they left China.

The CDPH maintains that, at this time, the health risk to the general public in California from novel coronavirus remains low, but common-sense precautions should be followed to prevent the spread of all infectious diseases.

Faculty members who have questions regarding their own travel or about accommodating students who have recently traveled to China should contact Jason Myers, AVP for Faculty Affairs, at (209) 667-3392 or jcmyers@csustan.edu.

Staff and administrators with questions should contact Julie Johnson, Sr. AVP for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity Compliance at (209) 667-3006 or jjohnson34@csustan.edu.

Students with questions regarding the coronavirus should contact the Student Health Center at (209) 667-3396.

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