May 05, 2023

With her bright smile, anyone can spot Daje Carter from across campus. She brings happiness to her classes, and always finds a way to make her peers feel appreciated.   

Carter said the best lesson she learned at Stanislaus State was to accept the good in everyone, cherish the people around her and to always be authentic to herself.  

“No matter where you are in life or what you are going through, just know that your experiences happen for a reason, to better prepare you for what the future holds,” Carter said. 


Before coming to Stanislaus State, Carter faced mental health challenges. She found inspiration in Ethnic Studies Assistant Professor Juvenal Caporale, who encouraged her to stay true to herself and to always be there for others. She took this advice to heart, and it helped her become a better version of herself. 

"Professor Juvenal taught me never to doubt my presence, let alone my existence,” Carter said. “Always remember that, though life may be hard, we have to keep fighting to be our authentic self, teach others, and take care of ourselves as much as we care for others.” 

Carter attended Stan State to remain close to her hometown of Manteca. She majored in mathematics, as she wanted to plan for a career with security for her future. Once she graduates, Carter plans to use her degree to become a high school math teacher and start her own tutoring service. 

“I am inspired to pay it forward and help students reach their academic potential,” Carter said. “Every student is resilient, no matter how tough life can be. It is up to us to make the most of helping them develop their intellectual and cognitive skills. I am doing my part to take part in making it happen.” 

Although she intends to teach math, Carter has other goals for her future. Her concern and empathy for others goes beyond mathematics, and she aims to aid in the rehabilitation of homeless people and support them in improving their quality of life.  

“I aspire to help individuals, not just academically, but also by helping them establish their potential to become self-sufficient and find their true purpose,” Carter said. “Additionally, I want to help people restart their lives and continue to make progress toward the future potential that awaits them.”

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DaJe Carter


Manteca, CA


Mathematics with Subject Matter Preparation Program

What memories stand out most from your time at Stanislaus State?

“My social justice education course with Professor Juvenal, taught me how to grow as a young adult as I continuously work toward bettering my inner potential. There were times in class when we checked in on each other, had deep conversations about life, where we were as a nation, how our roots run deeper than just where we come from and that we are never alone. I learned and healed so much with my class as a collective and learned that we may be different based on our backgrounds, but we are one human race growing with each other in our different stages in life. No matter what we go through and no matter what battle we all may be facing behind closed doors, we can all achieve our dreams.”

Which faculty or staff member had the greatest impact on you, and why?

“Since I transferred from San Joaquin Delta College, Assistant Professor Juvenal Caporale has had the greatest impact not only on my education but on my personal growth as a young adult. He has inspired me more than I had ever thought. Professor Juvenal taught me to never doubt my presence, let alone my existence, and to always remember that though life may be hard, we have to keep fighting to make sure to be truly our authentic self, teach others and to make sure to always be there for ourselves as much as we are for others. God knows I needed this type of encouragement. I never expected my first semester at the University to be this inspiring on this scale. I am forever grateful that Professor Juvenal helped me charge my passion and willpower to keep going in life, not only for the people I will help in the future but for myself and those who have sacrificed to help me get where I am meant to be in life, such as my strong and independent mother! I am forever grateful to Professor Juvenal for all of his lectures and the life lessons. He is Truly the GOAT in higher education!” 

What advice would you give to current and future students?

“I have several pieces of advice. First, remember that no matter where you are in life or what you are going through, know that your experiences are not happening to you but for you, to better prepare you for the positions that you are meant to be in in the future. Another thing: stay present. It is great to think ahead, but don’t rush the process. That will keep you on your toes and keep you going on your journey. Invest in yourself, protect your dreams, goals and energy and make yourself stand out in the crowd. Make time for your passions aside from your career endeavors. You’ve all got this I believe in you all!” 

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