May 26, 2024
Jeffrey Venable

Through all the equations and crunching through homework, Jeffrey Venable found solace in mathematics. It’s a place where he finds panic can transform into a collaboration among peers to solve problems. 

Originally drawn to Stan State for its teacher credential program, the math subject matter preparation program captured Venable’s attention, and his intrigue didn’t stop there. 

Venable acknowledged the impact of mentors like Associate Professor of Mathematics Jessica De Silva and Assistant Professor of Mathematics Cashous Bortner.  

“Their guidance and support were instrumental in shaping my path toward graduate school and exploring career opportunities within mathematics,” Venable said. 

Having returned to complete his degree after previously dropping out, Venable learned the value of persistence and seeking help when he needed it. 

“Education is a marathon, not a sprint,” he said. “The resources and fantastic faculty at Stan State are there to help.” 

Venable plans to pay it forward as a math professor by inspiring future generations of mathematicians. He hopes to obtain his Ph.D. in Mathematics at North Carolina State University, but he also wants to return to the Stan State campus with his knowledge and passion to continue his mission of empowering others. 

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Jeffrey Venable


Union City, CA


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics 

What memories stand out most from your time at Stanislaus State?

“The strong community in the math cave during exam days. There’s a collective panic in the room as everyone works together to solve math problems on the whiteboards.” 

Which faculty or staff member had the greatest impact on you, and why?

“Jessica De Silva and Cashous Bortner had the greatest impact on me through their guidance and support in pursuing graduate school and exploring career paths offered in mathematics.” 

What advice would you give to current and future students?

“Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help, whether it’s your professors or peers. You are paying for the education, so take charge of it. Your question could also be a question that another student is struggling with.” 

Note: This article is part of the StanGrad series highlighting Stanislaus State students who are part of the Class of 2024. Read more StanGrad profiles.