Frank Borrelli Leaves a Legacy of Knowledge, Positivity and Passion
March 25, 2024

For the past 36 years, Frank Borrelli has been changing lives, advising students and creating bonds with the Stanislaus State community.

Frank Borrelli

A dedicated worker, Borrelli began as a 24-year-old who worked one full-time job and several part-time jobs. He volunteered where he could, both off and on campus, eventually working his way up to the director of Support Services position. He reviewed shipping and processing orders for supplies for the Turlock campus, which meant he knew where everything was and who everyone was on campus. 

After an illustrious career, Borrelli is retiring from Stan State. He will be honored during a celebration that is open to campus community members from 2-5 p.m. Wednesday, March 27, in the Faculty Development Center, Room 118. Those who plan to attend are asked to RSVP

As Stan State prepares to bid farewell to Borrelli, the celebration marks not only his retirement but also acknowledges the deep camaraderie he fostered at the University. Borrelli’s reflections on his tenure highlight the deep connections and mutual support fostered across the University. 

“I started back in December 1987. We had a lot of fun back then, which helped us bond more than just as co-workers,” Borrelli said. “If someone needed help laying concrete or redoing their front yard, we would all get together on the weekend and help them out.

“We had ‘Staff Night’ at baseball or basketball games,” said Borrelli. “We would all get together and build bonds with each other. Our relationships transcended from being only at work to being true friends.”  
What comes across in Borrelli’s stories is his dedication to being a team player. He is known among colleagues for his generosity and selflessness. 

Associate Vice President for Financial and Support Services Regan Linderman said she will miss being Borrelli’s supervisor, but more so, his friend. 

“Frank has done so much for us as our advisor. He’s like a guardian angel to us.”

- Fatima Cena, Alpha Pi Sigma President

“Frank is a strong pillar in our group,” Linderman said. “He’s the person you go to when you need your cup filled. When you have a bad day, you just need a Frank pep talk and you leave feeling better. He’s the person who constantly builds people up and tries to help them feel better. 

“He’s the first one to step up to start a group conversation, the first one to congratulate someone when they do well, the first one to introduce himself when someone is new and the first one to introduce them to everyone to help them feel welcomed by the team. He cares for his team and makes everyone feel welcome and part of a family. I’m going to miss that about him.” 

Borrelli’s dedication to fostering a welcoming environment was just one facet of his journey at the University.  

He served as president of the California State University Employees Union (CSUEU) chapter at Stan State for 17 years. After serving in the role, he became the chapter’s first former president to become a manager. 

“He recruited me to be a member, and I became an officer while he was our president,” recalled Dawn McCulley, an administrative support coordinator for the Department of Physics, Physical Sciences and Geology. “His personality made it so he could connect with people at all levels: staff, management and faculty. He had strong relationships with everybody on campus. He was the warm and welcoming one, while I was not as personable as Frank. Over time, I learned the importance of interpersonal relationships, and I applied it to my style of management.” 
McCulley added she and Borrelli made a great team. 

“I was the reader and analyzer while Frank was the communicator. He truly knew how to talk to people and move a crowd,” she said. “There’s a saying, ‘People don’t always remember what you say or what you did but how you made them feel,’ and Frank is a shining example of that. He’s a great guy, and he will be missed.”  

Borrelli, an active member of his church’s Knights of Columbus chapter, spearheaded the start of its annual crab feed. At the inaugural event, students who offered to volunteer didn’t show up. Luckily, the daughter of a fellow Knights of Columbus member enlisted the help of her sorority members from Stan State to make that first crab feed a success.  

Later, when the sorority needed an advisor, its members turned to Borrelli. Initially, he was confused about why they chose him.  

“I’m not a woman, nor did I know how to run such an organization,” Borrelli said. “I paused, thought about it and prayed,” Borrelli said. In the end, he agreed. 

“He has done so much for us as our advisor,” said Alpha Pi Sigma member Fatima Cena, a fourth-year anthropology major who has known Borrelli for three years. “He’s like a guardian angel to us, always there to help and guide us when we have problems. I wish more people could meet and get to know him.” 

One of Alpha Pi Sigma’s service projects was through Caltran’s Adopt-A-Highway program. When the group went out to clean up their section of the roadway, they were surprised when Borrelli arrived to join them. 

“Last semester, we did our first highway clean up since COVID, and Frank was there to help us,” Cena said. “He didn’t need to help, but he wanted to. He supported us when we needed it and that stood out for us. He is a great advisor and friend.” 

Borrelli’s support of students didn’t stop there. His passion for helping students was seen throughout campus. Simarjit Kaur, a 2021 alumna who earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science, worked in the University’s print shop and remembered Borrelli for giving her advice when she asked for it. 

“He was a great mentor and boss,” Kaur said. “He always told me that I’d do great things and that it wasn’t a matter of ‘if,’ but a matter of ‘when.’ Having a positive person like Frank during my college years helped me stay positive and persevere.”