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Welcome to University Giving, where you have the power to impact the future of our students and institution. Your generous donations support scholarships, academic programs, research initiatives, and other key priorities that enhance the educational experience for all. Join our community of dedicated donors and help shape the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Giving Opportunities

Support the area that means the most to you. Your gift will connect you to student success and the growth of the region.

    Stanislaus State Athletics recruits the best and brightest student-athletes to represent our University. Scholarships are essential in athletics, given the required academic standards, intense practice schedules and financial needs student-athletes face. Your gift will support student success by funding athletic scholarships.

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    Stan State California Faculty Association Campus Cares Fund was created to support the belief that all Stan State students should have access to basic living necessities to help them stay focused on their education. Your contribution to Stan State California Faculty Association Campus Cares Fund helps students alleviate concerns about hunger, housing insecurity or the expense of an unexpected emergency.

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    The First-Generation Presidential Scholars initiative is a new fundraising priority at Stanislaus State to create unique scholarships for students from California’s Central Valley who do not have a family history of higher education. The First-Generation Presidential Scholars initiative will be the first of its kind at Stanislaus State and the first in the California State University system to affect and attract students from a specific geographic footprint.

    Through the generosity of donors, the First-Generation Presidential Scholars initiative will bolster Stan State’s efforts to cultivate a diverse and supportive learning experience for students from the Central Valley with demonstrated academic talent. The scholarship awards — starting at $25,000 for transfer students ($12,500 each year for two years) and $50,000 for entering freshmen ($12,500 each year for four years) — cover tuition and fees, books and a laptop. Moreover, these scholarships are designed to offer students targeted internships and/or mentorships with industry and civic leaders.

    Recipients will be competitively selected and the number of awards will be based on the level of donor engagement. Proudly, President Junn is one of the first to sponsor a four-year, first-generation student at $50,000.

    Opportunities are available for donors to be a part of the success of first-generation students right here in the Central Valley. Gifts to support a First-Generation Presidential Scholar transfer student or entering freshman can be fulfilled over the course of two or four years, respectively.

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    The Stockton Campus offers upper-division courses that lead to selected baccalaureate and master's degrees and credentials. Many students attending classes in Stockton can complete their degrees without the need to commute to Stanislaus State's main campus in Turlock. In addition, most classes are offered in the late afternoon or evening, making them convenient for working adults. Your contribution will enable the Stockton Campus to continue investing in student success.

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    In Memory of Dr. James E. Byrd, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, who shared his love of learning for 35 years at Stan State.

    Dr. James E. Byrd Memorial Scholarship Fund

    In Memory of Dr. Viji Sundar, Professor of Mathematics, a dedicated faculty member at Stan State for more than four decades.

    Dr. Viji Sundar Memorial Fund

    Contributions made to the Child Development Center will support its ability to provide high-quality care and education to children and families and initiatives to support students, programs and scholarly activities.

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    The mission of the University Library is to provide access to information resources and services that facilitate teaching, learning and research, and to provide an environment that encourages and enables our diverse community to expand its intellectual, cultural and artistic horizon. Gifts and donations often present an effective way for the Library to add to its collections. Your contribution will go directly to fund library needs and will enable us to foster student success by providing up-to-date resources.

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    As the largest of the four academic colleges at Stanislaus State, the College of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences delivers 20 baccalaureate degree programs, including three nationally accredited programs in the arts, a nationally accredited master's program in public administration, and an endowed program in agricultural studies. We also support more than 50 minors, concentrations and multidisciplinary programs at the undergraduate level, and five Master of Arts programs and several certificate programs at the graduate level. Your contribution to the College of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences will advance its ability to serve Stan State students.

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    The mission of the College of Business Administration is to deliver a professional business education that offers our students the knowledge and skills to succeed in their careers and in society. The College of Business Administration is AACSB-accredited, which puts it in the top 5 percent of business schools in the world. Your contribution to the College of Business Administration will enhance its ability to serve Stan State students.

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    The College of Education, Kinesiology and Social Work is dedicated to preparing professionals who are "life-long learners," equipped with the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to address the challenges facing schools, social service agencies and communities. Our talented staff and faculty are devoted to the highest quality programs that meet state and national accreditation standards. Your contribution to the College of Education, Kinesiology and Social Work will further its ability to serve Stan State students.

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    The College of Science is one of the newest and most dynamic colleges at Stan State. It is an intellectual community dedicated to providing students and faculty the scientific, mathematical and technological capacity to contribute to their disciplines and succeed in their academic pursuits. The dedicated faculty and staff seek to educate students through quality instruction, experiential learning, research experience, community engagement and effective advising. Your contribution to the College of Science will broaden its ability to serve Stan State students.

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