Certificate of Inclusive Teaching

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Forthcoming Inclusive Workshops:

  • Critical Conversation- Caste: The Origin of our Discontents
    (September 18)
  • Creating Transformative Learning Experiences: Facilitating Class Environments that go Beyond the Comfort Zone (Part 1)
    (September 18 or October 2)
  • Creating Transformative Learning Experiences: Facilitating Critical Conversations (Part 2)
    (October 30 OR November 2)
  • Creating Transformative Learning Experiences: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
    (October 15 and October 21)
  • My Time Among the Whites: Notes from an Unfinished Education
    (2 Parts; October 29 and November 5)
  • Creating Transformative Learning Experiences: Responding to Microaggressions in the Classroom
    (November 13 or November 19)

Program Description

The goal of this certificate is to encourage faculty to examine their beliefs about diversity, gain knowledge/understanding about how diversity and identify influence higher education, and to work towards developing humility and sensitivity to create inclusive classrooms and workplaces. This certificate will focus on helping faculty integrate pedagogical principles aligned with inclusive excellence into the learning environment, course design and assignments to increase awareness of the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom, and contribute to student success.


  • FCETL will offer a range of teaching and learning workshops that foster equity and inclusivity in support of student success
  • Faculty need to complete 12credits and a reflection, to be awarded a basic Certificate in Inclusive Teaching and a recognition at the year-end faculty celebration.
  • Participants will have three academic years to complete the certificate.


To register for the certificate, please self-enroll