Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee is a committee established by the Academic Senate. Section 5.0 identifies the composition and task of the committee.

Section 5.0 There shall be a standing committee of the Academic Senate on faculty development, hereinafter referred to as the Faculty Development Committee (FDC).

5.1 The FDC shall be composed of seven voting faculty members.  The Speaker shall be an ex-officio voting member. Five voting faculty members shall come from among instructional and non-instructional faculty, with one representative from each college and one at-large member. A sixth voting faculty member shall be a non-tenure track faculty member (elected by non-tenure track faculty).

The Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources (or designee), a representative from OIT/Learning Services, and the director of the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning shall be ex-officio, non-voting members.

Elections shall be conducted by the Committee on Committees according to the procedures in Article VI., Section 3.2.

a) The FDC shall, from among its members, elect its own Chair each year.
b) Elected members of the FDC shall have terms of office of two years, with the exception of the lecturer representative who shall serve a one-year term. Two-year terms shall be staggered. The terms of newly elected members shall commence with the final day of scheduled classes for the academic year.
c) Members of the Faculty Development Committee are not eligible to apply for FDC mini-grants. 

5.2 The duties of the FDC shall include the following:
a) To help integrate new faculty into the University community.
b) To help faculty improve their competence as teachers and scholars.
c) To promote the professional development of the faculty.
d) To encourage faculty research, scholarship, creativity, and artistic activity.
e) To promote an atmosphere of shared scholarly activity.
f) To advise the campus community, primarily through the Director of the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources on issues related to faculty development.

Constitutional amendment on 5/22/17

2021-2022 Committee Members

Saejoon Kim (2) MOM skim16@csustan.edu 3513
Debra Bukko (2) EdD Program dbukko@csustan.edu 6543
Karen Zandarski (1) English kzandarski@csustan.edu 3284
Mirta Maldonado (2) English mvalentin1@csustan.edu 3854
Matthew Cover (Chair - 2) Biology mcover@csustan.edu 3603
Jennifer Whitmer(2) Sociology jwhitmer@csustan.edu 3708
Ex-Officio Members (non-voting)
Shradha Tibrewal Master of Social Work/FCETL stibrewal@csustan.edu 3215
Terry Jones AVP Faculty Affairs tdjones@csustan.edu 3488
Ex-Officio Members (voting)
Dana Nakano Speaker of the Faculty/ Library Science dnakano@csustan.edu 3512
Tabbitha Raebel Coordinator   3216

Fall 2021 Meetings