Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee is a committee established by the Academic Senate. Section 5.0 identifies the composition and task of the committee.

5.1 The FDC shall be comprised of seven voting faculty members.  Five voting faculty members shall come from among instructional and non-instructional faculty (elected by the general faculty).  The composition of these five members shall be:

  • One representative from each college;
  • One additional at-large member from the instructional or non-instructional faculty body.
  • A sixth voting faculty member shall be a lecturer (non-tenure track) faculty member (elected by lecturers).  Elections shall be conducted by the Committee on Committees according to the procedures in Article VI., Section 3.2.
  • The Speaker shall be an ex-officio voting member of the FDC.

The Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources (or designee), a representative from OIT/Learning Services, and the director of the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning shall be ex-officio, non-voting members.

  1. The FDC shall, from among its members, elect its own Chair each year.
  2. Elected members of the FDC shall have terms of office of two years, with the exception of the lecturer representative who shall serve a one-year term. Two-year terms shall be staggered. The terms of newly elected members shall commence with the final day of scheduled classes for the academic year.
  3. Members of the Faculty Development Committee are not eligible to apply for FDC mini grants. 

5.2 The duties of the FDC shall include the following:

  1. To help integrate new faculty into the University community.
  2. To help faculty improve their competence as teachers and scholars.
  3. To promote the professional development of the faculty.
  4. To encourage faculty research, scholarship, creativity, and artistic activity.
  5. To promote an atmosphere of shared scholarly activity.
  6. To advise the campus community, primarily through the Director of the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources on issues related to faculty development.

Committee Members

Eric Broadwater(2) Theatre ebroadwater@csustan.edu 3458
Feng Zhou(2) MOM fzhou@csustan.edu 3963
Jennifer Cooper(1) Biology jcooper3@csustan.edu 6694
Maryann Hight(1) Library mhight@csustan.edu 6553
Katie Olivant(1) Liberal Studies kolivant@csustan.edu 6813
Gina Cook (1) Psychology gcook2@csustan.edu 3575
Ex. Secretary      
Dennis Shimek Faculty Affairs and HR dshimek@csustan.edu 3746
Ex-Officio Members      
Bob Koehler OIT bkoehlher@csustan.edu 6511
2014-15 Fellows      
Jey Strangfeld Sociology jstrangfeld@csustan.edu 6981
Koni Stone Chemistry kstone@csustan.edu 3570
Chris Nagel Philosophy cnagel@csustan.edu 3712
Chris Roe Teacher Education croe@csustan.edu 3471
2014-15 Faculty Learning Community      
Matt Cover Biology mcover@csustan.edu 3603
Ann Strahm Sociology astrahm@csustan.edu 3582
Nancy Burroughs Communication Studies nburroughs@csustan.edu 3271
Tom Carter Computer Science tcarter@csustan.edu 3175
Voting member of FDC      
Bret Carroll Speaker of the Faculty bcarroll@csustan.edu 3670
Ann Strahm Spring 2015 Proxy for Bret Carroll astrahm@csustan.edu 3582
Emy Barsley Coordinator   3216