Call for Participation

Facilitated by Drs. Betsy Eudey and Shradha Tibrewal

Are you looking for opportunities to interrogate and improve your engagement with international/transnational issues/topics?

Do you want to better understand decolonial and Indigenous contributions to internationalization studies?

Do you want to develop a stronger community with Stan State faculty engaged in international studies and transnational work?

Throughout the 2022-2023 academic year, we will be engaging with the Critical Internationalization Studies Masterclass, produced by Drs. Santiago Castiello-Gutiérrez and Jhuliane Evelyn da Silva as a component of a Spencer Foundation project. They have curated an open-access online library of videos and supplemental resources that draw upon a range of critical and decolonial perspectives, all of which seek (in their own ways) to identify, challenge, and ultimately interrupt the ways that mainstream approaches to the study and practice of internationalization have contributed to the reproduction of systemic harm in education and beyond.

The masterclass invites participants to: denaturalize and problematize the enduring colonial politics of knowledge that prioritizes and venerates knowledge produced in the Global North by western-educated scholars while diminishing and invisibilizing knowledge produced in the Global South and from Indigenous and other non-western epistemological standpoints; pluralize the seemingly viable possibilities for the study and practice of internationalization; and deepen and complexify their engagements with internationalization in more self-reflexive and socially accountable ways.

The FLC participants will meet 16 times over the fall and spring terms to engage with the videos and resources (likely all virtual meetings, but we'll revisit this if conditions change). Each participant will facilitate/co-facilitate at least one of the course modules/topics, engaging us in activities, discussions, and/or reflections related to module topics (and bringing in colleagues/guest facilitators as desired). We will all engage in this masterclass as co-learners, without expectation of expertise in these topics.

The FLC aims to consider:

  • How we, as students, scholars, and practitioners of internationalization, can engage more deeply with the pressing social, political, economic, relational, and ecological questions of our time.
  • How we can deepen our accountabilities in relation to our complicity in systemic harm, as well as our accountabilities to historically and systemically marginalized peoples and knowledges.
  • How to draw upon what we learn through the masterclass and FLC experience to improve our work and the quality of the campus community.

Participants in this FLC should be willing to commit to:

  • Actively participate in at least 80% of the meetings through the duration of the FLC. Each gathering will be scheduled for one hour of discussion, with opportunities to watch the videos on one's own or with FLC members immediately prior to the scheduled discussion (videos are 25-60 minutes each).
  • Facilitating/Co-Facilitating activities for at least one FLC gathering
  • Present at the culminating showcase at the end of the FLC (end of spring) sharing takeaways/actions that draw upon learnings from engagement in the FLC

Application and Meeting Schedule

  • We will meet on Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 pm for the discussions (with options to meet 20-60 minutes earlier to watch the selected video or watch independently on your own time).
  • Fall meeting dates are September 15 and 22, October 6 and 20, November 3 and 17, and December 1 and 15. In December we'll select our Spring dates.
  • Please apply by September 9, 2022, for full consideration

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Selection/Registration Criteria

  • There are 10 spaces in the FLC.
  • Must be a Stanislaus State faculty member (any rank, FT or PT) from any discipline, contracted to teach at Stan State during Fall 2022 and Spring 2023
  • Must agree to actively participate in the scheduled FLC activities

Faculty Compensation: At the end of the FLC, faculty participating in a minimum of 80% of all gatherings (including facilitation) and engaging in the showcase will receive $750 as a stipend or professional development funds.

Questions? Please contact Drs. Betsy Eudey, or Shradha Tibrewal,

Updated: May 05, 2023