Call for Participation

Faculty Learning Community: Anti-Racist Quality Learning and Teaching

September 2021 - May 2022
Members completing the project receive $1000

Facilitated by Drs. Daniel Soodjinda and Cassandra Drake - This Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is open to Stanislaus State faculty (full and part-time) who are planning to fine-tune, develop, or redevelop an online course they plan to continuously teach in the future (even after COVID challenges). The project is designed to support faculty with integrating exemplary practices in the design, development, and delivery of online and hybrid courses that are grounded in anti-racist pedagogy as outlined in the Anti-Racist (QR) Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) assessment instrument. We hope that novice and experienced online instructors will participate as we develop a stronger community of faculty who are passionate about developing quality online courses that confront and dismantle the normalized racist and white supremacist structures that plague “traditional” college teaching practices in online settings. This project is funded by a grant from the CSU Chancellor’s Office intended to support quality assurance in online teaching and learning.

The FLC will involve approximately 18 hours of FLC virtual gatherings in addition to 30 hours of small group (ally pod) meetings and independent work on course development. faculty will be compensated with a $1000 stipend.

FLC schedule

  • 9/15/21, 10AM-12PM, Virtual and synchronous meeting
  • 12 (90 minutes) FLC synchronous virtual meetings that will take place during the fall and spring semester (time/date will be decided after the first meeting).
  • Ally pod meetings with a smaller group of FLC participants that will take place during the fall and spring semester (time/date will be decided after the first meeting)
  • 1/21/22, 9AM - 12PM, Virtual and synchronous meeting
  • 3/7/22, QLT Self-evaluation due electronically
  • 4/4/22, QLT Mentor-evaluations due electronically
  • 5/2/22, Project completed

Application (Due 8/1/21) There are 11 funded spaces in the FLC, and applications will be reviewed in the order submitted. Faculty who meet the selection criteria will be considered for the FLC and are eligible for the stipend. Faculty who don’t meet the selection criteria may participate in some or all FLC sessions but will not be eligible for the stipend. Faculty who have previously participated in a QLT/QA FLC are eligible to participate again, but priority will be given to first-time participants. To apply, please complete the online application before 7/1/21 - available at: Online Application.

FLC activities will occur in virtual ( synchronous) modalities. Faculty participants will obtain a greater understanding of anti-racist and equitable pedagogical practices; the similarities and differences between face-to-face, hybrid, and online instruction; become prepared to self- and peer-evaluate courses utilizing the AR-QLT rubric; and develop knowledge and skills to help them to design and facilitate an online course that meets AR-QLT criteria.

At the end of the project, faculty stipends will be provided to those who participated in all FLC activities and have developed a course meeting expectations in at least 75% of the relevant objectives indicated in the AR-QLT rubric via self and mentor-evaluations.

To be ready for evaluation, a course must be loaded into a learning management system (e.g., Canvas, Moodle, Google Classroom, etc.), and include drafts of all course orientation/overview materials, syllabus and assignments, and at least 40% of instructional content (more is preferable).

Selection Criteria

  • Must be a Stanislaus State faculty member who is teaching or planning a fully online course that they’d like to continuously teach in the future - even after the COVID crisis has ended. Faculty must also be contracted to teach at Stan State in the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Must have participated in a CO sponsored QLT rubric training
  • Must have already participated in some additional type of professional development or training program/course related to online teaching.
  • Must agree to participate in all scheduled FLC activities.
  • Must agree to have an online course developed by the assigned date that will be self- and mentor-evaluated using the QLT instrument (stipend available to faculty whose course meets expectations on at least 75% of the relevant QLT objectives)
  • Must submit final project materials to the FLC facilitators by the assigned date

For questions, please contact Daniel SoodjindaCassandra Drake, or Shradha Tibrewal.

Updated: March 07, 2023