Student Resources

Summer Research Programs: This is a list of summer research program opportunities across the country that accept undocumented students. Most application deadlines are in January or February. 

Chirla: The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) was founded in 1986. CHIRLA is a California leader with national impact made of diverse immigrant families and individuals who act as agents of social change to achieve a world with freedom of mobility, full human rights, and true participatory democracy. CHIRLA’s mission is to achieve a just society fully inclusive of immigrants. 

Life After College: A guide to provide assistance and guidance to undocumented students on navigating life after receiving an education. It is a guide created by The Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC), with interviews conducted with undocumented students.

DREAM Application: An application used to determine eligibility for California student financial aid for AB 540 students. The Dream Act does not currently allow AB 540 students to apply for federal financial aid. Please use any of the above resource guides to assist in completing this application.

DREAM ACT Tool Kit for activists: A resource that provides detailed information on the DREAM Act. It includes frequently asked questions, ways to get involved, and critical information needed to navigate through the politics of undocumented activism.

Parent Resources/Recursos de Padres

Recursos Comunitarios para Inmigrantes: Centro de Recursos Legales para el Inmigrante (ILRC): El enfoque de esta organización es el de crear conciencia y de proveer asistencia a los defensores legales en su trabajo de ayudar a la comunidad inmigrante.  

El Concilio for parents: Establecido desde 1968, los servicios de El Concilio se enfocan en crear la autosuficiencia a través de consejería, educación y referencias. El Concilio cree que los individuos capacitados para ayudarse a si mismos llegan a ser un recurso para la comunidad total. Se ofrecen servicios a ninos, jóvenes, adultos, familias y personas mayores. 

DREAM ACT Tool Kit for advocates: A resource that provides detailed information on the DREAM Act. It includes frequently asked questions, ways to get involved, and critical information needed to navigate through the politics of undocumented advocacy.

Support for College-Bound AB 540 and Undocumented Students: A guide to help parents navigate the college experience. The guide offers tips on obtaining financial aid, immigration status disclosure, and opportunities after graduation.

Información General AB 540: Un documento que proveé información en general sobre el acceso a la educación universitaria en California para estudiantes sin documentación legal de estatus migratorio.

Guia de Apoyo Para Estudiantes AB 540: Una guía para padres de estudiantes AB 540. La guía incluye temas sobre cómo encontrar ayuda financiera, cómo declarar su estado migratorio, y cómo conocer más acerca de los retos que el estudiante enfrentara dentro de la Universidad.

Off Campus Resources

ILRC: The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), a non-profit organization, provides legal and technical assistance, trainings and seminars, educational materials, and advocates for the advancement of immigrant rights. Visit the website for further details.

EL Concilio of Stanislaus County: This program offers the following services: individual and family consultations, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Visa processing, translations, affidavit of support, appeals of legalization and Naturalization, adjustment of status, Family Unity, joint petitions, waivers for conditional residents, community education, advice and referrals.

Guide for Advisors: A guide and other training resources for advisors.

CRLA: CRLA was founded in 1966 as a nonprofit legal services program. Our mission is to strive for economic justice and human rights on behalf of California's rural poor

E4FC: Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC), a comprehensive educational organization that offers programs and services that address the financial, legal, career, and emotional health needs of undocumented youth. E4FC’s holistic approach integrates undocumented young people in the design and implementation of their services. They are in the process of implementing services for the Central San Joaquin Valley.

Lawyers Educating You (LEY) Video Toolkit: This video toolkit from Social Justice Collaborative has information on eligibility for U visas, steps to consider before applying for asylum and concerns on immigrant applications. 

MALDEF: strives to implement programs that are structured to bring Latinos into the mainstream of American political and socio-economic life; providing better educational opportunities; encouraging participation in all aspects of society; and offering a positive vision for the future. Unique to MALDEF is an approach that combines advocacy, educational outreach, and litigation strategies to achieve socio-economic change.

NILC: The National Immigration Law Center (NILC), a national legal advocacy organization, defends and advances the rights of immigrants and their families. The NILC’s focus is on health, access to public benefits (i.e. food and nutrition), cash assistance, temporary assistance, and on reforming the immigration system in the US. Visit the website to find more information on immigration reform.

Own the Dream: Own the Dream, a national campaign, is a website designed to assist students with information about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and work permits. Up-to-date information is sent to those who sign up for their alert system.

GRADD: Graduates Reaching  A Dream Deferred, is an organization providing support, aid and guidance to undocumented students reaching graduate school. From workshops throughout California to hosting events. GRADD brings awareness to not just gradated college DREAMers, but also to undergraduates who want to pursue graduate school as well as giving information to educators and allies.