How do we communicate?

StanNews – Weekly News Email

StanNews delivers news and information about the Stan State community via email every Monday. It includes the latest news and information, with links to the University News website for detailed coverage.

Faculty & Staff Digest – 3x Week Email

The Digest is a roundup of campus events and announcements happening on campus delivered via email every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It includes the latest webinars, training, programs and activities with links to the full University Calendar for detailed information.

Warrior Weekly – Student Weekly News & Events Email

Warrior Weekly delivers critical information and events about the Stan State community via email every Wednesday to students. It includes timely news, campus announcements, event listings and important deadlines with extensive links to pertinent Stan State web pages.

Merit Pages

Our University Merit page distributes student news and accomplishments to their hometown media, legislators and high schools. Featured students can personalize and share stories with others immediately. It is designed to drive awareness and engagement for the University.

What is our mission?

StanNews, Faculty & Staff Digest and Warrior Weekly serve the University’s teaching mission and commitment to contribute to the enrichment of a diverse community by reporting on the scholarly activity and accomplishments of Stan State people and on the news important to the campus community.

StanNews, Faculty & Staff Digest and Warrior Weekly are designed to create a greater sense of awareness and unity among members of the campus community by sharing news and events of mutual interest and to increase appreciation of the University accomplishments and events.

These communications are intended for the campus community - faculty, staff and students. We would like to expand our outreach to an important community of parents, prospective students, community members and opinion leaders external to the University who are interested in the news at Stan State.

How do we achieve our mission?

StanNews, Faculty & Staff Digest and Warrior Weekly aggregate news stories, events and announcements from throughout the campus into convenient and easily read weekly e-newsletters that both inform and inspire.

Examples of stories published in StanNews

  1. Teaching, research and grant news that highlight the scholarly activity of the University’s faculty and students with whom they work.
  2. Profiles of Stan State faculty, staff and students whose accomplishments support the University’s highest aspirations
  3. Administrative news that reflects the community nature of the Stan State campus
  4. News about awards and rankings that certify the accomplishments of Stan State faculty, staff, students, and alumni
  5. Announcements and notices that help members of the community learn what they need to know to do their jobs

Examples of stories in The Digest and Warrior Weekly

  1. Announcements and notices that inform members of the campus community of the many events, resources and activities at that University that they may want to take advantage of.
  2. Events that are open to the public and convey the important role Stan State plays in the local community.
  3. Critical dates and timelines that members of the community should be aware to perform University transactions or daily operations.

Our Audiences

  1. University staff
  2. University faculty
  3. Current students, both graduate and undergraduate – are specifically addressed through the Warrior Weekly e-newsletter
  4. Parents and guardians – reached through Merit pages
  5. Local and regional media – reached through Merit pages
  6. Alumni – primarily served through the Alumni newsletter and Merit pages

Facts and Figures

Faculty & Staff Digest

Launched: September 2018 (new name established September 2019)
Engagement: 38 percent of readers open and click the email
Average open rate: 36 percent
Average click rate: 14 percent
Calendar Year 2022


Launched: September 2018
Engagement: 24 percent of students open and click the email
Average open rate: 26 percent
Average click rate: 5 percent
Calendar Year 2022


Launched: September 2019
Average open rate: 39 percent
Average click rate: 16 percent
Calendar Year 2022


Launched: July 2019
17 number of achievements published over 1 year (1/1/2020-12/31/2020)
Student Open Rate: 93%
Impressions: 37,325 page views; 10.1M social media
Engagement: 1.8k individual stories; 35.3k social actions
As of January 11, 2021

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