Bloodgood sycamore (Platanus x hispanica ‘Bloodgood’)

Native: Hybrid of P. occidentalis (native to Eastern U.S.) and P.orientalis (native to eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, and Serbia)

Tree Characteristics

  • Shape: Sculptural
  • Foliage: Big, rough leaves that resemble maple leaves
  • Height: 40-80 ft.
  • Width: 30-40 ft
  • Fruit: Round seed clusters
  • Bark: rough old bark sheds in patches, revealing smooth young bark.
  • Litter Issue: Dry Fruit/Seeds

Tree Site Conditions & Constraints

  • Zones: Sunset 2-24
  • Exposure: Full Sun

Pests & Disease Information

  • Resistant to Anthracnose (unlike most other sycamores)

Health, Safety & Environmental Concern

  • Root Damage Potential: Moderate
  • Health Hazard: Allergy  and Asthma (sheds fine hairs that can irritate lungs)
  • Attracts: Butterflies


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 Bloodgood sycamore
Bloodgood sycamoreBloodgood sycamore bark