Sophia Isajiw and Lisa Kaftori

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Spinning On Uncertain Ground

September 12- 28, 2000

Using the Central Valley as a specific microcosm of the world, this multimedia installation explores the invisible forces of time and place that shape our individual and collective realities. Using video projections, fertilizer, an audio work for headphones, photos, handmade glass lachrymatories, myth, printed matter, mirrored text and an electronic fortune cookie, the installation asks questions about longing and desire and how we choose to make meaning out of our lives, exploring the transformations possible in the rituals and metaphors we invent to ground ourselves.

Isajiw and Kaftori are both multimedia installation artists. This is their first full-scale collaboration. Kaftori, a native of Santa Barbara, California now living in Israel, is an internationally exhibited installation and performance artist with site-specific projects in Japan, Lithuania, Mauritius, Israel, and California, amongst others. Isajiw has exhibited internationally across Canada, the U.S., in Italy and South America. Isajiw is a native of Toronto and Banff, Canada, currently living in Turlock, California and working as Faculty and Gallery Director at Stan State.