Arlene Stamp

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Modern Mother

January 18- Feb 22, 2001

Internationally respected multimedia artist Arlene Stamp is interested in relationships between media and meaning. Her work encompasses large-scale paintings, painting and tiling installations, simulated paintings, audio installations, websites and more. Modern Mother is a recent and ongoing body of work based on the artist’s mother, Mary Smith, whose life experiences spanned the 20thC, and who died in 1997. Modern Mother is an installation that includes a CD-ROM audio and backlit photographs on luminescent lightstrips.

“I like the problem that the exhibition will pose for the viewer trying to reconstruct the identity of this person from four different kinds of evidence: her voice (CD ROM), her image (filmstrip), her handwriting (diary) and her personal style (clothes closet). Does it speak about how we construct personal identity–both for ourselves and for others? I’m interested too in the limits of the options available. The way we struggle for a uniqueness constructed out of the examples provided in popular media.” – Arlene Stamp.

Arlene stamp lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Look for her work online at