Shadow Play, Digital Photography, Projector, Screen, 2021

  • Senior Exhibition
  • May 17 to 21, 2021
  • Stan State Art Space

Join us for Stan State art student Tamara Aynaga's Looking Glass Exhibition. The Looking Glass exhibitions are a display of the artist's work at the Art Space downtown gallery, viewable from the exterior sidewalk. On display 24/7!

Artist Statement

The work being presented includes the use of digital photography, staged photography, projectors, lighting equipment, and some video as a form of installation. The purpose of using this media is to explore the human condition and experience through visual imagery. The combined media will be used to create interactive installations that experiment with shadow, color, and light within a space or projected onto objects or subjects.

Some images deal with the subject matter of personal memories, experience with gender constructs, and the overflow of hyperreality. Other images express feelings of isolation and separation during the pandemic. The idea of synchronicity is in its early stages of exploration through these images as well. By combining multiple visual imageries through the digital photography of these planned installations, there is an investigation of synchronous events. Some images have involved some self-portraits to experiment with the way shadow and light play off of the human form. The purpose of creating installations is to create an interactive experience for the viewer and immerse themselves in the environment.

Updated: May 30, 2023