Department of Art, Faculty Research

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Department of Art, Faculty Research @ John Stuart Rogers Faculty Development Center

September 25- December 27, 2007

Faculty research, scholarly and creative activities within the Art Department at California State University, Stanislaus, take a variety of forms. Faculty members create paintings, drawings, sculptures and ceramics, wall-based constructions and reliefs, photographs, performance art and videos, and works which combine elements. Such combined works may reflect computer technology, or light sources employed to realize a particular rebounding shadow or reflection. Visual work ranges from examples steeped in rich tradition, to those exploring contemporary 21st century forms. Recent publications by faculty include books, papers, articles, exhibition catalogs, and critical reviews.

To foster a supportive and lively research environment within the department, a program of faculty presentations was initiated to share recent research and creative activity. Faculty members believe that holding such presentations will thus nurture tenure-track facultys’ commitment to artistic practice. Towards the end of the 2005/2006 academic year, the program began and art department faculty members made presentations which documented and explained their recent research and creative activity. The presentations were so enlightening, and the ensuing discussion and debate so rewarding and stimulating, faculty wished to further develop the experience. The idea of this exhibition with its accompanying catalog was thus born and the faculty whoparticipated in the earlier presentations agreed to show their work in this exhibition