Cheryl Barnett

35 Years in Bronze

January 29, 2015 - February 27, 2015

Cheryl BarnettCheryl Barnett abstracts the figure in cast bronze sculpture, ranging from small 6” pieces to large life-size 8’ works, unique casts to limited editions of 7 or 12. “I choose the figure as my primary focus in sculpture for its universal identification, complexity and mystery.  The human body conveys a multitude of implied messages in a simple gesture. Attitudes, emotions, spirit, orsuggestive symbolic relationships can be depicted through form,” said Barnett.

The small sample of the artist’s portfolio can be viewed on her webpage along with her resume, biography, and process page.  Barnett can be reached at Merced College, where her subjects include Sculpture, Design, and 20th Century Art History.

More images and catalog to come soon. Stay Tuned!