Entangled, Selected Retrospective
August 22–September 24, 2016

Reception Thursday, September 8 at 5:30 pm
Artist talk at 6:00 pm

Castillo's artist talk will be immediately followed by an artist talk by Rob Fatal in the Building Imagination Center.


Castillo is a native of Los Angeles, where she lives, works and teaches. Castillo was born in Los Angeles to a Colombian immigrant family. Her Filipino, African, Spanish, and Indigenous Colombian lineage has had a profound influence on her work. Her installations use human and synthetic hair as a metaphor for ancestry within the galaxy. The exploration of hair as a medium is psychologically charged. Identity is declared by the way people wear their hair. Hairstyles are statements. Hair is valued, cared for, meticulously groomed. Yet when it becomes detached from the head and found on any surface, its value is gone and replaced with revulsion. The relationship to hair is contradictory, one of attraction and repulsion.

ball of brown hair against a white background


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