University Alumnus Marty Torres Green’s Barbershop Thirty12 Creates a Positive Space for Stan State Warriors and Community Members.
December 07, 2023

Marty Torres Green has been officially cutting hair since 2012 and recently opened his own shop in Turlock within walking distance from his alma mater Stanislaus State. His shop, Thirty12 Studio, is much more than a barbershop. It is a community space for people to come together and enjoy each other’s company. 

Marty Torres Green cuts a client's hair at his shop Thirty12 Studio.

“I think this shop was fate,” said Green, who is known by his Instagram handle Marty Scissorhands, a nod to his profession. “I was done with storefronts and ready to move to Santa Cruz to relax with my wife, but the world wanted something else for me.” 

One of Marty’s long-time customers, college friend Mikey Castro, remembered what Green was like during their time at Stan State. Castro graduated in 2009 and would get haircuts from Green back when they were in the apartments by campus. “I’ve known Marty for about 15 years now, back when he was giving haircuts in the Chi Alpha townhouse.” 

Castro is proud of Green for his accomplishments and his new shop. “I can’t put it into words, but the love Marty has for the community is amazing. Marty gives great haircuts, but I come more for the bonding part of our appointments. He gives great life advice and he’s helped me through some tough times.” 

Green played a big role in the Chi Alpha fraternity and is known by many alumni and current members. Jamil Stell, a fellow Stan State alum and Chi Alpha member familiar with Green, speaks highly of Thirty12 and describes it as “a beautiful space where everyone is welcome. It’s not just a barbershop but a social club for Turlock. It’s an outlet for creatives to get together and network with each other.” 

Alumnus Jared Johnson recently found himself in the studio as one of Green’s barbers and students. Johnson moved to Turlock from Bakersfield to attend Stan State, but he would make monthly trips back home to get his hair cut. When was searching for a closer barber, everyone recommended Green and said he was “the guy.” 

“After our first cut, I left the chair with a great haircut that was tailored to me and my style, which I never really had before,” Johnson said. “More than that, we had a really good conversation, and I left feeling good on the outside and inside.”

“I can’t put it into words, but the love Marty has for the community is amazing. Marty gives great haircuts, but I come more for the bonding.”

- Mikey Castro, Stan State Alumnus

Green has created a space where the community can come together and be who they are. He has shown the strength of a Warrior and has been passing his passion and knowledge onto his fellow Warriors. “My wife and business partner Alina is also an alumna, and we have a heart for Stan State and a heart for our alumni. Any time we can collaborate with current students or alumni, we have to take it.” 

Building on the foundation of community and alumni connection that Green has established at Thirty12, the barbershop took its engagement a step further. Embracing the spirit of giving back, Green and his fellow barbers organized a Back-to-School event, providing free haircuts to local students. 

“It was a great way to use our gifts to serve our community,” Green said. “I was raised by a single mother, so I didn’t always get to start school with a good haircut. My heart was in this event.”  

As a proud Stan State alum, Green’s commitment to his roots is evident not just in words but in actions. He supports his fellow alumni by providing them with employment opportunities and a platform to excel. Green continues to embody the qualities of a Warrior, serving as a role model through his dedication to both the University and the broader community. His deep-rooted connection underscores the essence of what it means to be a part of Stan State, a place where alumni like Green can make a significant impact.