Nevin Shocker Takes the Warrior Spirit to Los Angeles
January 29, 2024

From working at KCSS, Stanislaus State’s student-run radio station, to Dojohouse Media Group production company in Los Angeles as a production/digital marketing assistant, Nevin Shocker is a Stanislaus State alumnus who has taken his knowledge and skills to a fast-paced environment.

Shocker’s journey started like many at Stan State, taking classes and planning a path to finding a job in his chosen field after graduation. Working toward a bachelor’s degree in communication studies, focusing on mass media, he was a broadcaster for three years at KCSS and was later hired as the music director, a position he held for four semesters.

“I wouldn’t be here without the connections I made and lessons I learned as a Warrior.”

-Nevin Shocker (’19, Communication Studies)

Station General Manager Greg Jacquay oversaw Shocker’s tenure at the station, and they often saw things differently, both in the classroom and in the office.

Jacquay recalled Shocker’s experiment, the Cypher Project, an initiative involving music and media. “That project still brings in students to enroll in the radio class and apply for positions at KCSS,” Jacquay said. “Over time, the videos Nevin made have become a successful recruitment tool for us and a great exposure opportunity for the Communication Studies Department and the station.”

Associate Professor of Communication Studies Marcy Chvasta, who taught Shocker in several undergraduate courses, said he was an engaging and insightful student with a bright future. He thought outside the box and wasn’t afraid to try new things.

“One of his final research papers focused on the persuasive powers of music videos,” Chvasta said. “He was particularly interested in sociopolitical messaging, product placement and filming techniques in hip-hop videos.

“I’m delighted and not surprised to learn that he works in the media industry. They — and we — are lucky to have him there,” she said.

Shocker has taken what he’s learned from his experience at Stan State and said one thing that prepared him for his current reality was a conference he attended with his coworkers from KCSS.

“The Seattle Conference was a networking experience where I learned how promotional companies seek out airtime for their artists and how they submit demos,” Shocker said. “I learned tips and tricks that I could take with me to my future endeavors.

“Being given that opportunity wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t work at KCSS and if I didn’t go to Stan State. Greg Jacquay gave me a lot of flexibility and opportunities to do things I wouldn’t have been able to do without that platform.”

After completing his bachelor’s degree in 2019, Shocker landed a job with Dojohouse Media, and he’s expanded his creativity and professional experience.

During the pandemic, he honed his skills in directing and creating music videos. Now he is helping other artists to create music videos through his work with Dojohouse.

“Everything I learned from Stan State and what I taught myself during COVID, I have been able to bring that with me to this media company,” Shocker said. “Of course, we work with artists in the music industry, but we recently were part of the NBA Media Day with the L.A. Clippers and then a week later, I helped plan a Bacardi commercial.

“I wouldn’t be here without the connections I made and lessons I learned as a Warrior.”