University Advancement’s Tiffany Davis Will Connect with Fellow Alumni in Her New Role
March 22, 2024

With a strong background in public relations, fundraising events and community outreach, Tiffany Davis was made for the role of Stan State’s director of alumni engagement.  

Davis, a first-generation college alumna who graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, began her new role in the Division of University Advancement on March 19. She aims to build connections between the University, alumni, the Alumni Council, families and the community as a liaison at events and as a point of contact for the public. 

“There’s so much activity happening on campus, including Warrior Wednesdays and all the fun things in the Quad,” Davis said. “It’s exciting, as an alum, that there is such a breadth of campus events and opportunities we can join. Everything from concerts and theatre productions to guest speakers or athletics events. We also welcome Warrior alumni back to campus for special events, such as Warrior Welcome and Vines.” 

During her time as an undergraduate, Davis worked multiple jobs while making time to pursue her education. She made connections with faculty and staff who helped her stay on track to graduation. 

“My time here as a student was very special because people were so kind and welcoming to me,” Davis said. “That feeling is something I try to give back in the work I do. I am so excited to return to a place that has been so important to me.” 

“With more than 60,000 alumni, Stan State graduates have a lot of opportunities to stay engaged, access resources and build a network of support. It’s an incredible support system that we provide.”

- Tiffany Davis, Director of Alumni Engagement 

Her role as director of alumni engagement includes outreach to alumni and encouraging them to engage with their alma mater and attend campus events. By providing resources, prioritizing reengagement efforts and offering mentorship and career and professional development opportunities, Davis aims to support alumni where they are in their lives. 

“I like connecting with people and hearing their stories; that’s what I’m excited to bring to the table,” Davis said. “Hearing shared stories of how the University impacted alumni in their journey and their desire to give back to current students has been inspiring.” 

With the help of the Alumni Council, comprised of a distinguished group of alumni serving in an advisory role to the Office of Alumni Relations, Davis will help reconnect and support alumni.  

“With more than 60,000 alumni, Stan State graduates have a lot of opportunities to stay engaged, access resources and have a network of support," Davis said. “The Alumni Association is an incredible support system we offer.” 

The Alumni Association website provides details about the information and resources available to all Stan State alumni, and Davis encourages graduates who want more information to connect with her directly

Davis also invites alumni to join the Alumni Association — a free membership — to gain all the benefits available to Warriors, such discounts on vision, dental and life insurance, access to the Vasché Library, discounts at the bookstore, access to a membership at the Campus Recreation Center and information about the Career and Professional Development Center. 

Join the Alumni Association

“We are excited to start conversations with our partners on and off campus who are already looking at ways to incorporate alumni into more of their programming,” said Davis. “I expect we’ll have a whole host of engagement opportunities coming soon.”