November 10, 2022

Associated Students, Inc., and the University Student Center (ASI and SC) have a full slate of activities for the fall semester and initiatives underway for the 2022-23 academic year, including plans to address on-going student concerns and a partnership with Turlock Transit that allows Warriors to ride fixed routes free with their ID cards. 

ASI and SC has released a fall schedule of activities packed with events designed to enlighten and entertain students, help them relax and boost their Warrior Pride. The schedule also lists a handful of student government town hall meetings and social events where students can meet ASI officers, ask questions and discuss concerns they’d like to see addressed. 

According to ASI President Destiny Suarez, members of the ASI Board of Directors have each set goals for their respective colleges and drafted plans to accomplish the goals. Meanwhile, the board’s executive team is making significant progress on three areas of ongoing concern raised by students in surveys: parking fees, academic advising and the decline of student organizations caused by the pandemic. 

“We’ve been researching and holding meetings to gather information and understand the roots of these issues,” Suarez said of the three concerns. “We want to make sure that when we plan to address these issues, we acknowledge and understand the history behind them so that we can better assess what changes are needed.” 

On parking fees, Suarez said that once the board’s research is completed, it will be transparent by sharing information with the student body to ensure that students understand the fees. Ultimately, she said, the board hopes to find a way to reduce parking costs for students. 

Regarding student organizations, Suarez said the pandemic caused a steep decline in the number of clubs and other groups operating on campus, “And the remaining organizations are doing everything they can to stay afloat.” She said the board is looking into ways to improve the situation.  

“Organizations on our campus are essential to student life. They bring opportunities, connections, memories and events that continue to support our campus and students,” she said. “We want to explore all the ways we can help them in their success on campus.” 

With respect to academic advising issues, Suarez said a student survey is planned for this winter to better define the matter. 

The recent agreement with Turlock Transit, she said, is a major change from past years, when ASI bore the cost of providing bus passes to students who requested them. Now, she said, Turlock Transit is waiving fees for students, faculty and staff who present a Warrior ID card when they board a bus. 

Suarez said she encourages students to check out the ASI and SC schedule of activities and participate in the events, including the town hall meetings and opportunities to “get social” with student government. 

“As student leaders, we value the student body’s opinions and ideas,” she said. “I am always open to meeting with my fellow peers and discussing issues on our campus to better our student life and student success.”