Stan State California Faculty Association Campus Cares Funds

Student Emergency Fund and Food Insecurities Fund

During these unprecedented times, standing together as a community is our best strategy in overcoming the trials we face. Please know that your generosity truly makes a meaningful impact on our students.

Stan State California Faculty Association Campus Cares Funds were created to support the belief that all Stan State students should have access to basic living necessities to help them stay focused on their education. Your contribution to a Stan State California Faculty Association Campus Cares Fund helps students alleviate concerns about hunger, housing insecurity or the expense of an unexpected emergency.

Fuel Stories of Triumph

As the spirit of giving surrounds us, every day is an opportunity for individuals to express gratitude, extend help, give back, and spread kindness. We acknowledge that everyone's capacity to give varies, and any support you offer is sincerely valued. Your generosity is instrumental in creating meaningful change and positively impacting lives.

How You Can Participate

  • Spread the word on social media and tag us @stanstate
  • Give to Stan State California Faculty Association Campus Cares
    • Student Emergency Fund or
    • Food Insecurities Fund
  • To amplify our reach, consider checking in with your employer to see if they have a matching gift program. Contact us to make a matching gift.

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Stan State CFA Campus Cares

"Things like fresh fruit and eggs have been wonderful. In a weird way, small things like that make me feel less bad about having to rely on this resource. I have had to rely on food banks at various times in my life, and fresh items are rarely included. Fresh ingredients make me feel human, and that is so important when things are so desperate that you have to openly admit that you can’t provide the food you need for yourself. There is so much shame in seeking resources, and fresh ingredients feel like empathy."

– Basic Needs participating student

About Campus Cares Funds

No Warrior should wonder where their next meal is coming from. By providing emergency food assistance, the Campus Cares Fund works to make sure that Stan State students do not have to choose between buying textbooks and buying groceries and can help ensure that no student goes hungry. The Warrior Food Pantry, a campus food resource, remains open to help ensure students will not go hungry during difficult times. 

Challenges can be unexpected.  Gifts to the Student Emergency Fund make a real difference for students impacted by COVID-19 and other life emergencies. The Fund exists to help Stan State students struggling to pay for basic needs. Temporary housing, lack of technology, unexpected travel and loss of income are some of the realities many students are facing. 

We want every student to have the opportunity to complete their Stanislaus State journey. The Student Emergency Fund can provide immediate financial assistance to students who encounter temporary financial hardships due to an emergency situation, crisis or catastrophic event. This assistance can be what keeps their academic goals on track.

Updated: March 27, 2024