Friday, Apr. 26, 2024
12:30 - 1:30 p.m. PST


Sustainable Garden

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From tree fruits to vegetable production, to agroecological management and weed identification for IPM practices, the Stanislaus State Sustainable Garden is a living laboratory that educates students on sustainable farming practices and more. The Sustainable Garden was established as a learning and applied research laboratory in the field of Sustainable Agriculture, and to demonstrate best practices in Elementary School garden development and use. Over the years, its use and focus have expanded. The Garden now includes providing a critical curriculum-based experiential learning platform for students through several out-of-the-classroom and field activities, internships, demonstrations of crop production, and best management practices. Fruit and vegetables are shared with the campus community, used in some campus dining venues, and sold at the StanFresh Market on campus – run by students once monthly.

Join Master Gardener and Stan State alumnus Hector Vera on a walking tour of the Sustainable Garden, where he is the Gardening Specialist leading agriculture students to successful learning opportunities. Throughout the tour, you’ll see lab-themed garden beds, fruit tree labs, and traditional garden beds growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and more. Learn about regenerative agriculture practices, and how our garden serves our campus community.

This tour is presented jointly by the Office of Sustainability, the ASI Board of Directors for Sustainability, and the Stan State Agriculture Department.

Allergen Warning: The garden walkways and space contain walnut shells; the garden attracts pollinators including bees

Note: This is a working living lab space for student projects, please do not touch anything during the tour. This tour is conducted outdoors, please take appropriate measures for sun exposure and potential heat. Wearing closed-toe shoes, hat, sunscreen, and water is highly recommended.

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