Information for students who have a diagnosed case or suspect that they have COVID-19.

Are students required to disclose their medical condition to a faculty member?

A student is not required to disclose that they have COVID-19.

Can a faculty member ask a student for a doctor’s note?

A doctor’s note is not required if you have COVID-19, specifically. If, however, a student is unable to complete the required assignments or attend required class meetings, a faculty member can request a doctor’s note to verify a student’s illness. This is the same procedure that would be used for any medical situation that prevented a student from completing required work on a short-term basis.

In the case of a longer-term medical disability, accommodation should be requested through Disability Resource Services.

Warriors Take Care

If you have COVID-19, what actions should you take?

  1. Read and follow Stan State's Isolation & Return Protocol.
  2. Take action and submit a COVID-19 Reporting Form.
  3. Contact the Student Health Center or your personal care physician if you believe you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  4. Contact your professors to let them know if you will not be in attendance for classes. Be timely and consistent in communicating with your professors, especially if you believe you will miss assignments and multiple classes.

Take Action & Submit a COVID-19 Reporting Form

If you have tested positive, you are required to take action even if you are not showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Submit a Report

Student Resources

Utilize the Student Services Directory page to get the contact information of departments you may need to contact.

Updated: January 12, 2024