Bilingual Program

The Multiple Subject (MSCP) and Single Subject (SSCP) Preliminary Credential: Bilingual Authorization, available in Spanish, Portuguese, Hmong, Khmer, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Punjabi. Candidates for the Bilingual credential must be able to speak, read, and write in the target language to be recommended for the Preliminary Credential with the Bilingual Authorization.

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Multiple Subject Credential Program with Bilingual Authorization

Dr. Anne Weisenberg, Program Coordinator
Multiple Subjects Credential Program
DBH 331 / (209) 667-3474

The MSCP Bilingual Authorization prepares beginning teachers for self-contained classrooms, usually at the elementary level, where more than one subject is taught to the same group of students. Credential holders are prepared to teach English learners. They alsohave the knowledge, skills and abilities to teach in the target language in a bilingual or dual language classroom. The growing diversity of our service area and the growing number of dual language programs present opportunities for students with proficiency in the identified target language to help immigrant children succeed academically, and assist English speaking children to acquire native-like proficiency in a valued language.

Bilingual Spanish Credential candidates must enroll in EDMS 4111, Primary Reading/Language Arts Methods: Spanish Bilingual, and Bilingual Credential candidates in other languages: Portuguese, Hmong, Khmer, Vietnamese,
Punjabi, Arabic and Farsi must enroll in EDMS 4112,
Primary Reading/Language Arts Methods:  Primary Language Support,
as well as the EDMS credential methods courses, and EDUC 4400,
Introduction and Foundations of Multilingual Education
(in lieu of EDMS 4150, Methods of Multilingual Education).

Single Subject Credential Program with Bilingual Authorization

Dr. Donna Andrews, Program Coordinator
Single Subjects Credential Program
DBH 328D / (209) 667-3217

The SSCP Bilingual Authorization prepares you to teach in grades 6-12 classrooms in your appropriate subject matter area. It also prepares you to provide primary language instruction and specially designed academic instruction in English (SDAIE) in a bilingual instructional program. 

Credential students wishing to be recommended for the bilingual credential take the following courses:

  • EDSC 4215, Reading and Writing in the content Area:  Bilingual (in lieu of EDSC 4115, Reading and Writing in the Content Area), and
  • EDUC 4400, Introduction and Foundations of Multilingual Education, (in lieu of EDSC 4110, Multilingual Education in Secondary Education). 

(Note: EDUC 4460, Cultural Views on Bilingualism, fulfills language assessment and target culture requirements for Spanish bilingual credential candidates in both MSCP and SSCP OR students can take CSET LOTE on Lanugage of Emphasis Subtest III).

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