Student FAQs


Yes. All students at the university as required by Executive Order 1095 to complete Title IX training each academic year. An online training program has been implemented to help you understand issues of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking, bullying, and alcohol and drug abuse.

The Not Anymore program, and additional information, is located on the Title IX information page:

Students can access the Skillport system through the student portal: Click on the link for "Skillport Training Center" under Academic Resources. Log in using your Warrior username and password. You must print your certificate at the end of each course to prove you completed the training.

Classes and Registration: For "how to" questions regarding classes, and issues with registration, such as holds or prerequisites, please contact Student Records at (209) 667-3264.

myCSUSTAN Log On, Password, etc.: For "how to" questions regarding myCSUSTAN log on, assign or reset password, etc. please contact the OIT Helpdesk at (209) 667-3687 or email

Accessing the Title IX / Not Anymore Training: For "how to" questions regarding the Not Anymore course or issues with your login, please contact Meg Lewis at

Your university email is the email address where all student information will be sent. The email address is usually the first letter of your first name followed by your last name. To ensure an email address is unique, a number may follow the last name. Example: jbond1@

Your Warrior username is the beginning of your university email address up to the @ sign. Example: jbond1

Your Warrior password is set by logging into the myCSUSTAN initial signon / reset password page. This page can be accessed from the myCSUSTAN page.

The Warrior ID is a unique, 9-digit number that is used in many of the university's systems to identify a student. The ID starts with 0s (zeroes). Example: 001234567

This number is printed on the front of your Warrior ID Card.

If you don't know your Warrior ID or don't have a Warrior ID Card, you can look it up by clicking on the Warrior Username link under the Sign In button on myCSUSTAN.