Website Design & Development Project


As the work with the Brand Refresh comes to fruition, we are gearing up for the final phase of the project: a rebuild and redesign of our University website. It's imperative to enhance Stan State's web presence in order to more effectively engage all target audiences and clearly communicate with each audience across various platforms. The new site will bring the Stan State brand to life in a modern web experience that's optimized for all commonly used devices. Given our virtual world, this phase is crucial more than ever, to maximize functionality and usability.

Our site has grown organically over the years. This has led to a very fractured structure with a large volume of content, making it difficult for visitors to find the information they need. Although effort has gone into enhancing functionality and fixing immediate issues on the website, a rebuild is necessary to properly solve our problems.


  • Incorporate Section 508 Accessibility and WCAG 2.1 Standards from the core to the outer shell.
  • Provide consistent navigation, layout and styles in a manner that is user-centric, intuitive, interactive, and on-par with web preferences of today’s generation of college students.
  • Enhance Stan State’s web presence to more effectively engage all target audiences and communicate Stanislaus State’s key messages.
  • Prospective students, parents, faculty, staff alumni, donors, community members and media should be able to easily locate the information and services they require, access the pages that are important to them, and navigate services and resources.
  • Improve administrator backend (user roles, workflow, reports, and views, etc.) to aid website contributors in maintaining their sites.
  • Improve the use of the website as a strategic communication asset to be utilized efficiently across various browsers and all major device platforms.
  • Incorporate Stan State’s visual branding, identity guidelines (to be established in the current branding campaign) and adopt message branding efforts.

High-Level Scope of Work

  • Accessibility WCAG 2.1 AA
  • Research & Content Strategy
  • Visual & Template Design
  • Content Migration
  • Support, Testing & Training
  • Custom Developments (news center, calendar, database-driven faculty pages, emergency alert display)
  • Improved administrative functions for content contributors
  • Drupal core upgrade

Web Advisory Team

Gurpreet Aulak – Academic Affairs
Saul Avila – Student Affairs
Craig Boucher – IT/Business & Finance
Michaela Dole – Human Resources
Stephanie Gamboa – Alumna, CS Major
Maryann Hight – Librarian
Marie Hirschkorn – Academic & Faculty Affairs
Mandeep Khaira – Web Manager
Dae Hee Kim – Faculty
Kyu Han Koh – Faculty
Jennifer Lee – Stockton Campus
Karissa Ridley – Student
Kristen Sederquist – Student Outreach/SPEMI
Jashandeep Singh – Student, CS Major
Kristina Stamper – Communications & Creative Services
Timothy Viss – Web Accessibility Coordinator & Developer
Marvin Williams – Disability Resource Services
Michael Wojciechowski – Business & Finance
ImageX – Team selected to assist with Stan State’s website development project