The forms and information below are provided for your convenience. Please do not alter or change forms without the permission of the Liberal Studies Department faculty or staff.

Department Forms and Information

LIBS Department Petition.pdf
IEP Individual Education Plan Worksheet.pdf

IEP - Individual Education Plan Worksheet LIBS 1000.pdf
IEP Individual Education Plan Worksheet.doc (fill-in)

IEP - Individual Education Plan Worksheet LIBS 1000.doc (fill-in)
Live Scan Fingerprinting.pdf

Portfolio Information

CSET Website
California Content Standards

Course Forms

Content Standards Concepts/Course Content Chart.doc (LIBS 2010)

Field Notes and Observation Log.pdf (LIBS 3000)

Field Notes and Observation Log FILL-IN.doc (LIBS 3000)

Final Grade Summary.pdf (LIBS 2010)

IEP for LIBS 1000.pdf

IEP for LIBS 1000 (fill-in)
Observation/Tutoring Performance Appraisal.pdf (LIBS 1000, 1010, 2000, 2010 and 3000)
Observation/Tutoring Log.pdf (LIBS 1010, 2000, 2010, 3000)

School Site Declaration/Service Learning Agreement.pdf (LIBS 3000)

School Site Declaration Form.pdf (LIBS 2000, 2010, 3000)
Service Learning Agreement.pdf (LIBS 3000)

Subject Matter Competency Planning Worksheet.pdf (LIBS 4960)