Buying & Paying How To

How to Register As a Vendor?

In order to pay a vendor for products or services, the vendor must be registered with Stanislaus State.

  • A vendor must submit a completed Vendor 204 Form-State and a W-9 - Federal to Financial Services. Email to Financial Services.
  • Vendor information will be entered into PeopleSoft Finance by Financial Services.

How Get Paid via EFT?

The fastest payment method is Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). EFT payments are processed twice a week. Check payments are processed once a week.

Complete Direct Deposit Authorization Form – Vendor and email it to Financial Services.

How to Be Authorized to Work as an Independent Contractor On Campus?

The staff member who is responsible for preparing requests to purchase products and services will submit a requisition and a completed Independent Contractor Determination Checklist.

  • Sections 1 – 3 of the form are to be completed and signed by the Contractor.
  • Section 4 of the form is to be completed and signed by the requesting department.
  • Staff will attach a PDF copy of the completed form to the requisition, using the PeopleSoft Finance Requisition Module.
  • Payment to the Independent Contractor will be authorized through the submittal of an invoice by the hiring department.

How to Obtain an Approved Contract?

If a contract is required for the provision of a service, university staff and the contractor will follow this procedure:

  • Staff completes and submits a Requisition using the Requisition Module in PeopleSoft Finance.
  • Staff will provide complete information and documentation attached to the Requisition
  • Staff will obtain the appropriate authorizations for the financial transaction.
  • The University Procurement Contract Specialist will complete the appropriate documentation.
  • The University Procurement Contract Specialist will obtain signatures from the CFO and President.
  • Procurement will retain original signed contract documentation and provide a copy to the contractor.

How to Obtain a Student Intern Agreement?

If an outside agency and a University department have agreed that a student intern will be placed, a Student Intern Agreement must be authorized prior to the beginning of the placement term.


Agreement preparation Alternatives:

Upon the request of the academic department, the student intern agreement template is completed with information about the cooperating organization (provided by the academic department) and is signed by the Procurement department.

The cooperating organization submits a proposed intern agreement. The agreement is reviewed and approved by the academic department, the University Risk Manager, and the Procurement department. Procurement works with the cooperating organization to complete any required changes. If acceptable, the agreement is completed and signed by the Procurement department.

Agreement execution:

The original student intern agreement is signed by Procurement and sent via email to the cooperating organization for execution with a submittal letter.

 Agreement retention:

The cooperating organization returns one executed copy of the student intern agreement to Procurement.

A PDF copy of the executed student intern agreement will be emailed to the academic department that is a party to the agreement.

A PDF copy of the executed student intern agreement will be retained by Procurement in a document management system until the date of expiration of the agreement.

Agreement extension:

Upon request by the academic department the student intern agreement will be extended by preparing an extension letter to the original agreement. The procedure for execution and retention will be the same as for the original agreement.

How to Become a Merchant That Can Accept Warrior Cash?

Complete a Merchant Application. CardSmith, the Warrior Card provider, will contact you to discuss the equipment requirements and the procedures for accepting Warrior Cash.

How to Bid on Stanislaus State Requests for Proposals?

How to Bid on Public Work Projects?

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