Mail & Shipping/ Receiving How To

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How do I get my mail?

All incoming mail for students is delivered daily to Residential Life Village (Student Housing) where their staff sort and place in mail slots appropriately.

How do I get my outgoing mail to the post office?

There are two ways to have Mail Services deliver your mail to the post office:

  • Each campus mail box location has an outgoing mail collection box.  Outgoing mail will be picked up at the time incoming mail is delivered to the mail box site.  Outgoing mail is then delivered to the Turlock Post Office at 4 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • Mail Services has an outgoing mail collection box in their lobby (MSR010, basement).  Outgoing mail collected and processed by 3:30 will be delivered to the Turlock Post Office around 4 PM.

How do I send an item overnight?

Because timing with the Post Office is difficult for USPS Priority overnight mail processing, the best way to secure overnight mail services is through UPS.  Take your item to Mail Services (MSR 010, basement).  Mail Services staff will process the UPS delivery tags.  You can pay with cash, check, credit card, or Warrior Cash.  You will receive a UPS receipt so you can access UPS tracking.

How can I purchase postage for my personal mail?

You can purchase stamps and other mailing services at the Mail Services office (MSR 010, basement).  Mail Services sells individual stamps, books of Forever stamps, some holiday and commemorative stamp offerings, and Forever stamps for international postage rates.  They do not sell any stamps that are a set postage amount ($1.00, $0.49, $0.2, etc.)

How can I get personal packaging services?

Mail Services is a "USPS Approved Shipping Center".  Take your items to Mail Services in the MSR basement.  The staff will assist you in determining the best mailing option, will package the items, and print the required postage.  You can pay with cash, check, credit card, or Warrior Cash.