Scholarship Information

The links below will take you to the campus scholarship/financial aid webpages. As an applicant to the Honors Program you should apply for the Honors Scholarship and any other scholarships open to the general student body. There may be additional scholarship support available for President's and Provost's Scholars, so check for these in the summary listing of available scholarships.

CSU Stanislaus Scholarship Application and Financial Aid & Scholarships Handbook.pdf

When you submit the on-line application form, make sure you receive confirmation the form has been received before exiting the system; the submission system can bog down as we get closer to the deadline. Additional information and application materials are also available on the Campus Scholarship Information web page. Deadline for submission of all scholarship application materials is the end of February.

Should you have any questions, or need additional information, contact Diana Garz, Scholarships Coordinator, Financial Aid and Scholarships Department, at or (209) 664-6587. Fax (209) 667-7064. You may also contact Jim Tuedio, the Honors Program Director, or (209) 667-3286 especially if you have questions pertaining to your eligibility for a President's, Provost's, or Honors Program scholarship.