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Publishing Our Next Book !

"The intention of dialogue is to reach new understanding and, in doing so, to form a totally new basis from which to think and act." William Isaacs

­­The Great Valley Writing Project is planning a publication on the many facets of dialogue and how it supports reading, writing, thinking, and being part of a community.

Our belief--as conceptualized in the work about dialogue by both David Bohm and William Isaacs--is that dialogue is essential for constructing meaning.

We seek manuscripts that explore your experiences--both successes and frustrations--in dialogue among learners, teachers, texts, policy makers, and community members.

Some questions for you to consider:

  • Does dialogue support student success?
  • What dialogues enrich your practices?
  • What dialogues or form of dialogues hinder your practice?
  • What dialogues transform your work?
  • What dialogues are missing from your work?
  • What classroom practices support meaningful dialogue?
  • What kind of instructional activities and assessment strategies work well in helping students read Freire's "the word and the world"
  • What role does digital dialogue play in this conversation?
  • What conversations do you value?

This publication (To Be Named) welcomes submissions of high-quality manuscripts that make significant contributions to advancing and integrating theory and practice of dialogue in education.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced throughout (including quotations, endnotes, and works cited), with standard margins. We will not return any materials to authors.
  • Manuscripts should be between 500-3,000 words.
  • Please provide a statement guaranteeing that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere.
  • Number all pages.
  • Use in-text documentation, following the MLA format. Works cited and any other bibliographic information should also follow MLA style.
  • List your name, address, school affiliation, telephone number, and email address on the title page only, no on the manuscript. Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged by email.

This publication will be refereed by outside reviewers. We will attempt to reach a decision on submissions within six months.

Deadline: January 24, 2014

Submit electronically to: CMinner@csustan.edu

GVWP Newsletter Submissions

If you have a piece of professional writing you would like published in the newsletter, please contact Maria Shreve. To view the most recent newsletter.


Interested in expanding your leadership? Want to find out more about facilitating an event? Click on the links below to read more information.

Family Literacy Night

Download: Family Literacy Night.pdf

How to Organize and Facilitate a Book Study

Download: What is a Book Study Group.pdf

Student Release Form

TCs using student samples in their demonstrations need to have parent authorization. Please download the student release form.pdf (Spanish version.pdf), have the parent complete and keep on file.

Over Our Shoulders and into Our Classrooms: Best Writing Practices, K-12

Our first publication is available for purchase. Download the order form and share with your principal and/or curriculum coordinator.

Writing Now: A Policy Research Brief produced by NCTE

This publication of the James R. Squire Office of Policy Research offers updates on research with implications for policy decisions that affect teaching and learning.
Download: Research Brief.pdf

Developing Teacher Leaders

Join the online community for teacher consultants. This site was created just for GVWP TCs to stay connected, exchange ideas, and discuss virtually anything. Request your membership.

Join our online community for teachers of ELLs

If you have English language learners in your class, you are a teacher of ELLs. GVWP has created an online community for writing project TCs who teach ELLs, called Know ELLs. On the site, you'll find an active community of TCs from all over the US sharing resources, stories, research, and more. Request your membership.

English-Learning Carnival Blog

The 19th edition of the ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival has been posted and is rich with links to resources for the English-learning classroom.


GVWP Pupils Produce Book for Sequoia Library

GVWP Teacher Consultant Barbara Damewood talked about writing the same way she would to any student in a writer’s workshop.  She talked about how to find one’s literary voice. And she championed the idea of those with the bravery to pen their own style to share the thoughts and ideas with others. 
No, this wasn’t the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and a classroom full of graduate level scribes. It was a bunch of middle-schoolers in a portable at Sequoia Elementary after school. To read the full article by Jason Campbell that appeared in the Manteca Bulletin, go here.