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Geography is one of the few disciplines that comfortably bridges Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. Geography is the ideal major for students interested in solving real-world environmental and social problems. The program provides students with the skills and academic framework needed to help create a more sustainable and just future. Students who complete the program are well prepared to advance to graduate school or to enter the work world where they are increasingly likely to find rewarding jobs. Geographers work in a variety of fields including urban and regional planning, climatology, transportation, resource management, marketing, natural hazards, tourism, international business, government agencies and non-governmental organizations. The demand for geographical information science skills is increasing in all areas of the economy. According to the US Dept. of Labor, geospatial technologies are one of the top three areas of job growth in the next decade.

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GIS Day 

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Geographic Information Systems or GIS Day is an annual event, which was first held in November 19, 1999 by the National Geographic Society (NGS), the American Association of Geographers (AAG), and the Environment Systems Research Institute (ESRI). Since then, the GIS Day has grown beyond our national borders to become an international event. Every year more universities and organizations join this day.

Since 2007, the California State University, Stanislaus has participated in this world event to help disseminate geographical knowledge, specifically about Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This year, marking our 12th Anniversary, we have a series of speakers on GIS and Social Justice.


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GEOG 4030 Planning Issues

Seniors put Merced County Files on Map 



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GEOG 4720 Attends CGS!
Big Bear, CA
May 3-6, 2019


GEOG 4700 -
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Spring 2019


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