Guided Discovery for Personal Leadership and Workplace Effectiveness (GDPLWE) Program

Stanislaus State is pleased to once again offer an exciting professional development opportunity this spring 2023 semester for any faculty, staff or administrator interested in participating in an engaging and facilitated self-discovery program designed to enhance personal leadership skills and create plans for further professional development and growth.

Participants will meet and learn from colleagues and two campus co-facilitators; hear and speak with panels of campus leaders and experts in different fields; utilize new tools to better understand leadership styles; and gain insights, skills and knowledge that will be beneficial personally and professionally. GDPLWE participants will meet on Zoom on seven Fridays from noon to 1 p.m. (see dates below).

The program will be led by Dr. James Barnes and Ms. Kara Herrick from Stanislaus State. Both facilitators have participated in a previous GDPLWE program cohort.

What’s involved:

  • Seven (7) Zoom meetings from noon to 1 p.m. (sessions will be recorded for participants).  Recommendation is that you are available to personally attend 5 out of the 7 scheduled Zoom sessions so you are able to participate in the discussions and receive the maximum benefit from the program:
    • Feb. 10 and Feb. 24
    • March 10 and 24
    • April 14 and 21 (Adjusted due to spring break.)
    • May 5
  • Read, review and discuss two leadership strengths books that participants will receive at no cost:
    • Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Bradberry, T. & Greaves, J. Includes an online assessment tool.
    • The Essential Enneagram: The Definitive Personality Test and Self-Discovery Guide – Revised and Updated, Daniels, D. & Price, V.
  • It is expected that attendees participate in this optional and voluntary program by using non-work hours to read the two short books; seven lunch hours will be used to participate in discussions via Zoom. Since the lunch hour meetings will be recorded, it will be possible to view these facilitated conversations at a later date if occasional conflicts arise.
  • Opportunities to learn from fellow participants and campus leaders about leadership skills and ideas to practice and further develop a plan for professional growth and future accomplishments.
  • Option to attend occasional voluntary meetings (via Zoom) with colleagues in smaller groups to share ideas and plans.

President Ellen Junn is very pleased and supportive of this professional development opportunity, and she encourages supervisors to support and allow staff to adjust their lunch hour to accommodate voluntary participation in the eight sessions over the course of the spring semester.

Questions? Please contact Nina Rocha in HREOC.



James Barnes, Ed.D.
Dr. James Barnes Photo

Kara Herrick
Kara Herrick Photo

Leadership Journey Reflection Panel

March 10, 2023

Stanislaus State

Richard Ogle, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Neisha Rhodes, Director, Presidential Initiatives

CSU Systemwide Office

Duan Jackson, Systemwide Director, Student Advising Initiatives

Judy Devine, Assistant Director, Communications & Change Management

April 21, 2023

Stanislaus State

Rose McAuliffe, Vice President for Business and Finance

Carolina Alfaro, Director, Warrior Cross Cultural Center

Miguel Pulido, Director, Admissions and Outreach Services

UC Merced

Alejandro S. Delgadillo, Associate Director, Educational Equity and Access

Elieen Kogl Camfield, Teaching Professor and Faculty Associate for Writing & Pedagogy