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This page is for informational purposes only and is a list of formal or public works bids. The accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. Prospective bidders should contact the buyer to verify all data or to receive any of the bids listed below. The bid results provided are raw data only. Until award is made, the low bid is subject to verification of information and determination that the low bidder is responsible and responsive.

Bid Listings

Number Name Buyer Opening Results/Awards Additional Documents
Instructions to Bidders
Job Order Contract Julie Anderson Sept 16, 2014    
(Addendum 1)
Corp Yard Emergency Generator Replacement Debbie DaRosa June 5, 2014 Bid Award  
(Pre-Bid Attendance
Central Plant Cooling Tower Replacement Debbie DaRosa May 1, 2014 Bid Abstract
Bid Award
7916 Sewer Lift Station Project Debbie DaRosa Nov 14, 2013 Bid Results
Bid Award
(Addendum 1)
Emergency Generator & Photovoltaic for Irrigation Pump Station Debbie DaRosa Oct 1, 2013 Bid Results
Bid Award
(Addendum 1)
(Addendum 2)
Baseball/Softball Field Lighting Project Debbie DaRosa Technical:
Aug 22, 2013
Aug 29, 2013
Bid Results
Bid Award
Design Criteria
Attendance Roster
Planholders List
(Addendum 1)
University Website Redesign Debbie DaRosa May 10, 2013 Bid Results
& Award
Prospective Bidders
(Addendum 1)
Ed Services Building Reroof Project Debbie DaRosa April 30, 2013 Bid Results
Bid Award
(Addendum 1)
Drama/Music Buildings Reroof Project Debbie DaRosa April 30, 2013 Bid Results
Bid Award
09-157 Parking Lot 2 Reconstruction Project Debbie DaRosa April 9, 2013 Bid Results
Bid Award
(Addendum 1)
North Loop Connector to Christoffersen Debbie DaRosa Jan 31, 2012 Bid Results
Bid Award