Special Consult Agreement

Terms of Agreement

The Special Consultant classification, Class Code 4660, is to provide payment to individuals who perform special assignments of limited duration and no other appropriate classification is available. The Special Consultant process should be avoided when regulations and the situation permit in favor of

  1. an independent contractor agreement for services
  2. a guest lecturer/honorarium form or
  3. regular temporary faculty, management or staff employment procedures.

A Special Consultant appointments is considered an employee of the specific campus assigning work and making payment and is subject to the CSU Background Check Policy. Special Consultant appointments are approved only for the dates, daily rate, and total number of days specified in this agreement. Any changes in the period of employment, the daily rate, the total number of days authorized, or assignment must be submitted on a new agreement form.

If the assignment as described in this agreement is not completed or is not completed in a satisfactory manner, the University reserves the right to cancel this contract or to reduce the total number of days for which payment will be made.

Special Consultant appointments automatically expire at the end of the period stated. Extensions must be submitted on a new form.

Current CSU system employees who accept additional employment as Special Consultants are subject to the Additional Employment Policy of the California State University or the applicable collective bargaining agreement, all of which limit total employment within the CSU to a maximum time base of 125% of full-time.

Special Consultants are assigned a minimum daily rate (Visit CSU HR for CSU Salary Schedule). Special Consultants are paid a daily rate regardless of the number of hours worked in a given day. A Request for Special Consultant Payment form must be submitted to the Payroll Office at the end of each pay period or upon completion of assignment (whichever occurs first) in order to ensure timely payment.

All Special Consultants with the exception of current Stan State employees must present required identification documents and other hiring forms to Human Resources prior to the effective date of employment. Payment for services will not be made until documentation is completed.

Special Consultants may be eligible for workers compensation insurance and unemployment insurance. Special Consultant pay may be subject to federal and state tax and social security deductions. New hire employment paperwork will apply (e.g. I-9 right to work verification, loyalty oath) if they are not already on the Stan State payroll.

Special Consultant appointments are usually limited to one year.

Special Consultant must sign agreement BEFORE campus approvals are completed. The form must be completed and fully approved prior to the beginning of the assignment.

For questions please contact Human Resources (staff) ext. 3351 or Faculty Affairs (faculty) ext. 3392.

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