Recommendation Letter Request

Please provide substantial information when answering the questions below.

For example, "I completed ETHS 2250: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (Fall 2018) and received a B. I completed ETHS 2100: Introduction to Chicanx Studies (Spring 2020) and received an A."
(e.g., first-generation, underrepresented, undocumented, lgbtq+, from Central Valley, etc.)
(For example, provide the name, location, general information of the program, internet link, etc.).
(For example, explain: 1) why are you interested in the program; 2) how you can benefit from the program; and 3) how the program can benefit from you?)
(For example: Did you tutor? Did you receive any awards? Did you write a thesis? Were you involved in a community program? If so, provide more information--like dates, locations, and details of duties--for each project).
(Please provide necessary information, like the contact name, institution, mailing address, email, and/or application portal).
For example, "I enrolled at CSU Stan from Fall 2014 - Spring 2018."
(Guiding questions: Are you of first generation, underrepresented, undocumented, and/or LGBQT+ background? Did you grow up in the Central Valley or elsewhere? What challenges have you faced and/or obstacles you have overcome? For example, "I am a first generation Xicano who grew up in a single parent household in Merced. I worked two jobs while in school to support family and myself…")
(Please provide any information that you may have not mentioned in any of the boxes above or from the materials that you are attaching below).