Your favorite pairs of genes

Biotechnology is the application of technology to biological systems and living organisms. It generally refers to the techniques, tools, and procedures for modifying living organisms for human purposes in engineering, agriculture, science, technology, and medicine.


Your favorite pairs of genes


If genetic health condition risks are in your genes, Janey Youngblom just might find them.

We all want babies to be healthy. But few of us have the genetic expertise to undertake efforts ensuring the health of newborns. DNA expert Dr. Janey Youngblom does.

Youngblom, a CSU Stanislaus Biological Sciences Professor and well-known genetic counselor, is continually researching ways help identify groups of people of all ages who are at risk for many common health problems. She does this in addition to heading up the University's Master of Science in Genetic Counseling program.

Youngblom has conducted research examining newborn screening DNA samples to determine the potential link between a specific genetic variant of the MTHFR gene and autism.

In collaboration with researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute and New York University, Youngblom is also researching the genotypic and phenotypic association of a specific chromosomal disorder using DNA microarray technology. All of her work is another step toward healthier babies and healthier families.

With Youngblom's help, CSU Stanislaus launched the Genetic Counseling program in collaboration with UC San Francisco, San Francisco State University, and Kaiser Permanente. Through Dr. Youngblom, CSU Stanislaus is involved with the CSU Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB).