Online Writing Support for University Extended Ed Students

 Maximizing access to writing support through innovative, alternative formats to meet the needs of our student population in the all-online environment. 

For our UEE student population, we recognize the need to provide writing support in the same format and environment as the learning experience. Since the learning experience for UEE students is primarily online and asynchronous, the Writing Center provides writing tutoring in a manner consistent with that experience.     

There are two avenues of support that students in UEE courses can access when developing their writing process.  

Synchronous Online Writing Tutoring

Online writing tutoring that is synchronous takes place in real-time with peer writing tutor. Writers can either make one appointment with a tutor to discuss their writing, or they can make weekly appointments with the same writing tutor to develop their writing process over time. We highly encourage students to utilize weekly appointments for a more meaningful and comprehensive experience with writing tutoring.  

During Fall 2020, all synchronous tutoring appointments will be held on Zoom for 50-minute sessions scheduled on our StanTutor platform. Check out the StanTutor information webpage for video tutorials on scheduling appointments for writing tutoring.

Schedule an appointment on StanTutor


Asynchronous Writing Tutoring

Asynchronous Writing Tutoring, on the other hand, does not take place in real-time, but rather needs a span of time for the writer and tutor to exchange writing samples and feedback.  

How to Utilize Asynchronous Writing Tutoring
Use our StanTutor platform to submit writing assignments for review. Please view our Asynchronous Tutoring Video Tutorial to learn how to submit writing assignments and how feedback is returned. The turnaround for this process will be no longer than 3-business days. 


  • Log in to StanTutor
  • On the Main Menu, on the top right corner, select the "UEE Asynchronous Writing Tutoring Request Form." Fill out the form with all the information the tutor needs to review the paper. Submit the form and return to the Main Menu.
  • To submit a writing assignment, slect "Document Post" from the left corner of the Main Menu.
  •  From the Documents Listings, select "Create New," and a dialogue box will open. Upload the writing assignment.
    • Please make sure the assignment is saved as a Microsoft Word document and that the document name includes a first and last name and the current date: FirstnameLastname_01/23/45. Select "Upload File."
  • Within 3 business days, a writing tutor will send an email notification indicating that the document has been reviewed and is ready to be retrieved.
  • Return back to the Document Listings to retrieve the reviewed document. The writing tutor will upload the reviewed document with feedback and save it under the original title with the tage "REVIEWED" added to it.

What to Expect from Online Writing Tutoring

The writer and tutor work in collaboration, which means that the tutor does not review the writing and tell a writer what to do, and the writer is not compelled to follow that advice and make the recommended revisions. Rather, the tutor works with the writer to accomplish various goals.  

The writer’s goals may include: 

  • Identifying the purpose and goals of the various writing assignments or situations writers confront 
  • Developing their own ideas and determining a focus for their writing, 
  • Organizing and planning out their writing.  
  • Developing strategies for revising, proofreading, and editing.  
  • Identifying and modifying any sentence level errors or issues with grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  

However, it is important to note that tutors do not edit or fix any writer’s document, and that the writer makes all revisions and edits themselves, even with sentence level issues or grammar. 

Contact us if you have questions about writing tutoring


Writing Center email
Phone Number: (209) 667-3642 

Online Tutoring email 

Jacqueline Hollcraft 
Online Tutoring Coordinator