Asynchronous Writing Tutoring for University Extended Ed and Graduate Students

 Maximizing access to writing support through innovative, alternative formats to meet the needs of our student population in the all-online environment. 

For our UEE and graduate student population, we recognize the need to provide writing support in the same format and environment as the learning experience. Since the learning experience for many UEE and graduate students is primarily online and asynchronous, the Writing Center provides writing tutoring in a manner consistent with that experience.   

Asynchronous Writing Tutoring

Spring 2021 Asynchronous Tutoring: February 15th - May 7th

Asynchronous Writing Tutoring does not take place in real-time but rather needs a span of time for the writer and tutor to exchange writing samples and feedback. Writers schedule Asynchronous Writing Tutoring appointments and submit their documents through StanTutor, and tutors retrieve, review, and return the writing within 2 business days. 

View the Video Tutorial below for instructions on booking an appointment and uploading a document for a writing tutor to review. 



Booking the Appointment 

  • Log-in to StanTutor 
  • In the “Search Criteria,” choose the “Asynchronous” center. 
  • Indicate which class you are seeking writing tutoring for, and then click “Search.” 
  • Choose the Asynchronous Tutoring appointment that meets your need. Your document will be reviewed and returned 2 business days after the appointment date you select. 
  • In the dialog box that opens, please provide details about your writing assignment and/or the writing prompt in the “Notes.”  
  • Include what kind of specific help you are seeking, what areas of the writing assignment you would like the tutor to focus on, or what concerns you have about your writing/revision process. 
  • Click “Book” to secure the appointment. 

Uploading Your Document 

  • After booking the appointment, return to the “Main Menu” in StanTutor and scroll down to the bottom. You will see your Asynchronous Tutoring appointment under “Upcoming Appointments.” Click on the appointment to upload your document. 
  • In the “Appointment Entry” dialog box, click on the second tab, “Documents.” 
  • Choose your file and upload the document into StanTutor. It would be helpful if your file name includes your first and last name. 
  • Click “Save” and then exit out of the dialog box. Your document is now uploaded and attached to your appointment. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email for your Asynchronous Tutoring.  
  • Within two business days after the time of your Asynchronous Tutoring appointment, your reviewed document with feedback will be returned to you via email. 

What to Expect from Asynchronous Writing Tutoring

The writer and tutor work in collaboration, which means that the tutor does not review the writing and tell a writer what to do, and the writer is not compelled to follow that advice and make the recommended revisions. Rather, the tutor works with the writer to accomplish various goals.  

The writer’s goals may include: 

  • Identifying the purpose and goals of the various writing assignments or situations writers confront 
  • Developing their own ideas and determining a focus for their writing, 
  • Organizing and planning out their writing.  
  • Developing strategies for revising, proofreading, and editing.  
  • Identifying and modifying any sentence level errors or issues with grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  

However, it is important to note that tutors do not edit or fix any writer’s document and that the writer makes all revisions and edits themselves, even with sentence level issues or grammar.