Writer’s Online Resource Directory (W.O.R.D.)

Students can access materials, links and other resources to help improve academic and professional writing. Materials on the topics below are available to use online while in the Writing Center or while you are off-site working on your assignments. Some materials are available as PDF's if you would like to print them for reference.

W.O.R.D is available for students to use at anytime, but it is best used to supplement a weekly tutoring appointment. If you do not already have a weekly tutoring session, schedule one on StanTutor. 

"Why Visit Your Campus Writing Center?" by Ben Rafoth

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Books, a set of style guidesCitation and Plagiarism Issues

Plagiarism, both intentional and unintentional, is often a problem when writers attempt to research and integrate others' voices into their writing.  However, with some guidance and an adequate amount of time and preparation devoted to a writing assignment, you can avoid any bad habits that lead to plagiarism.


WritingWPST Resources

Tackling a writing promt on-demand and with a time constraint requires some strategies and skills.  Below are some resources to help you prepare for an upcoming WPST test.  You should also consider scheduling an appointment with a Writing Center tutor to help aid your preparations.

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Essential Websites for Writers

Best Writing Resource Websites
    Purdue Online Writing Lab
    University of North Carolina Handouts
    Purdue YouTube Channel

Citation Help
    Plagiarism Resource Site
    Easy Bibliography


Interactive Grammar
    English Page
    Interactive Quizzes

Stanislaus State Links
    Research Tutorials
    Department of English
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