Student Information


The Writing Center will work collaboratively with undergraduate and graduate students to help them develop and craft their writing. Usually, tutors first help writers address larger issues, such as focus, organization, and development; then, tutors assist writers with sentence-level issues, such as grammar, punctuation, and diction. Tutors can help writers:

  • Understand assignments
  • Generate ideas
  • Pre-write
  • Develop a focus
  • Organize and plan essays
  • Develop ideas
  • Revise drafts
  • Improve proofreading and editing skills
  • Prepare for the WPST

The Writing Center tutors do not proofread papers. Tutors will work with each student to develop his/her editing skills.

Tutoring by Appointment

You will be scheduled for a weekly appointment with a tutor. You and your tutor will develop priorities for improving your writing over a period of time. Your weekly appointment will be reserved for you until you indicate that you no longer wish to continue. To schedule an appointment, complete the Online Tutor Request Application or come to the Writing Center and complete an E-application. You should be scheduled within one to three days.  To complete this application, you will need to know your campus email address and your Student ID.

Group Tutoring

As part of the course requirements, all English 1000 (Introduction to Composition) and English 3000 classes include at least one hour of tutoring per week. The required hour(s) is scheduled when a student registers for his/her class. Students in these courses take part in group tutoring at the Writing Center. One tutor meets with three students. During the hour, the group, with the tutor acting as facilitator and resource, works collaboratively on improving critical reading skills and learning and applying successful writing strategies. Occasionally, the Writing Center will offer group tutoring for specific subjects when the needs arise. For example, in Fall 2005, a group session for students in English 4850 was formed.

ESL Tutoring

If a student is enrolled in ESL 1000, ESL 1005, or ESL 2000, he or she will attend a tutoring session once per week as part of the course's requirements. These sessions are one-on-one and usually focus on helping students learn to self-edit. In addition, tutors aid students with global concerns such as focus and development. The Writing Center also offers specialized ESL tutoring to students not enrolled in the above ESL courses.

WPST General Tutoring

If a student would like to prepare for an upcoming WPST, he or she may request tutoring. During the tutoring sessions, the tutor will help the writer learn to tear apart a prompt in order to respond appropriately. The tutor will also explain the WPST scoring guide and review an essay the writer has written to a WPST prompt and provide suggestions for revision.