Online Tutoring

Available Fall and Spring semesters
October 1 - December 5 and March 1 - May 10

Welcome to our online writing tutoring service for students currently enrolled at CSU, Stanislaus. Although tutors cannot edit papers for you, they will share strategies, experiences, helpful resources, and suggestions to your writing questions and concerns.
We offer two ways to work with a tutor: e-mail or online chat.

Click on your preference and you will be directed to a student application to complete and submit via e-mail to begin the process.

Chat Tutoring

E-mail Tutoring

Allows you to chat online with a tutor at a time convenient for you and the tutor. Usually you will drag and drop your paper into the chat window so that both you and the tutor can look at your paper together and discuss your questions.

Allows you to ask questions about your paper, submit your draft, and then receive tutor feedback to that draft within two business days. Presently, we only accept online submissions of up to three pages in length.