English 4600 Sample Syllabus

“Just as less-experienced writers exhibit less-developed strategies when they write, they also do not fully appreciate the collaborative nature of writing and how important a writing tutor can be at any point in the process.”  Gillespie and Lerner

Course Description

Tutorial Projects in English is a course for writers who want to learn how to tutor writing to their peers.  The course will address reading and assessing essay strengths and weaknesses, responding to writing, planning material for each stage of the writing process, basic theory that underlies the methods we will explore, and more.

Tutorial Projects is a Writing Proficiency course (WP).  You must have passed the Writing Proficiency Screening Test (WPST) with a score of 7 or higher to enroll in this course.  Completion of this WP course with the grade of C- or above satisfies the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).  Final grades will include + and – where earned.


  • Discover and explore the Writing Center field of study and practice
  • Learn to craft writing
  • Shape a philosophy of education, tutoring, and/or learning
  • Determine ways to respond purposefully and quickly to the work of peers and to explain effectively strategies that will help writers develop their ideas and writing

Course Requirements
(subject to change)

  1. Attend the Writing Center at least one hour each week (12 sessions for the semester). Your first assignments in the Writing Center are to become acquainted with the physical layout, policies and procedures, and to observe tutoring sessions. As soon as you and I feel you are prepared to tutor, you will be scheduled for tutoring appointments. One hour per week will serve as part of our course requirements; any other hours you wish to tutor will be paid at approximately $13/hr. Other tutoring options may exist. Speak with the instructor for more information.
  2. Attend class regularly and arrive on time and ready to work. Student participation is essential in this course. Repeated absences and tardies will adversely affect your grade for the term.
  3. Complete and submit all assignments, including drafts, on the designated due dates. I may add and omit assignments and point values as necessary. The scheduled assignments are as follows:
Interest Group Project (30 pts)
Proposal and Working Bibliography 5 pts
Writing Product  15 pts
Class Presentation 5 pts
Group Evaluations 5 pts
Article Poster Presentation & Handout (15 pts)
Presentation 5 pts
Poster 5 pts
Handout 5 pts
Observation & Process Notebook  10 pts
Initial Impressions Essay 5 pts
Tutor Interview 5 pts
“Tutor Tale”  5 pts
Mid-Term Essay Exam  10 pts
Final Essay Exam  10 pts
Writing Center (Tutoring) & Class Participation 10 pts
Total Points Possible  100 pts

Graduate students will be given an additional assignment for the term, which will be valued at 10 points. Their final grade will be based on a total of 110 points possible.

Final drafts of all assignments and responses must be typed or word-processed. Use one-inch margins, double-space on only one side of the paper. Place your name, instructor’s name, course number and section, and due date on upper left corner of page one; place your surname and page numbers in the upper right corners. Do not use title pages. When citing sources, use MLA format.

Late work will not be accepted for credit

Required Texts & Supplies (subject to change)

  • The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring, 2nd edition.
  • Notebook for journal entries, tutoring notes, and other short writing assignments
  • Good, recently published handbook
  • Cost of 20-30 copies

Academic Dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated. You may fail the course and/or be expelled from the university for academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty includes using the ideas or words of others as your own, using previously written papers and submitting them to another instructor, and submitting the same paper to two courses without securing approval from both instructors. We will explore what constitutes plagiarism further if necessary. See the English Dept. website for its policy.