About Us

Our Mission

The Writing Center seeks to strengthen students’ versatility in understanding and crafting myriad texts and to foster students’ connection to Stanislaus State.  The Writing Center, a community of readers, writers, and peer tutors, engages and supports students by:

  • Acknowledging students’ command of multiple literacies and valuing those literacies as much as Edited American English;
  • Exploring and negotiating expectations of academic, professional, disciplinary, and personal writing;
  • Building students’ confidence in making informed rhetorical choices;
  • Sharing experiences and resources for navigating Stanislaus State;
  • Valuing varied identities, abilities, perspectives, and linguistic backgrounds;
  • Promoting inclusivity, anti-racism, accessibility, interdependence, and curiosity.

Our Vision

The Writing Center advances an inclusive perspective of language and encourages all members of the campus community  “to be more fully engaged in the paradox of literacy--the way that literacy both dominates and liberates, both demands submission and offers the promise of agency” (xiii)  and to resist acting as  “normalizing agents, performing the institutional function of erasing differences” (Grimm xvii-xviii).

Grimm, Nancy Maloney. Good Intentions: Writing Center Work for Postmodern Times. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook, 1999.

Contact Information

Writing Center Director/E-mail: Paula Barrington-Schmidt
Graduate Assistant Director: Mary Worthington
Online Coordinator/E-Mail: Jacqueline Hollcraft
Graduate Writing Coordinator/E-mail: Maria Camarena

Learning Commons (LX 14)

Interim Director/E-mail: Erlynn Johnson
Phone: 209-667-3642