General Information

Who must take the WPST

All CSU Stanislaus undergraduates must take the WPST. You should wait until the end of your sophomore year, preferably when you finish ENGL 2000 or PHIL 2000.

How to sign up for the WPST

Specific registration information can be found on the Requirements & Forms page. Registration forms are also located in the Writing Center, the Academic Resource Center in MSR 180, Transfer Centers at area Community Colleges, and on the CSU Stockton Campus. Register by mail or in person at the WPST Office, MSR 180. Register early so we will receive your registration before the deadline.

Test Dates

Please see the WPST Home page for test dates.

How to Register

Please see WPST Home page for this information.

Test Fee

The test fee $25.00 is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Special Test Arrangements for Individuals with Disabilities or Saturday Sabbath

If you have a visual, hearing, learning, physical, or functional disability that would prevent you from taking the WPST under standard conditions, you may request special arrangements to take this test. Accommodations will be provided for students who are registered with the Disability Resource Services (DRS) and who have been approved for special testing accommodations.

Obtain a request for Special WPST Testing form from DRS and attach it to your WPST application. Also, be sure you include your class schedule. Due to space and staff restrictions, it may be necessary to test you on Wednesday or Thursday before the exam. If this is a hardship, please state this on your request form.

If you are not able to take the test on Saturdays for religious reasons, obtain a letter from your pastor on church letterhead. You must also attach a copy of your class schedule to your WPST application. Requests not on letterhead will not be honored. Your test will be arranged for the Wednesday or Thursday before the regular test date. Specific reporting instructions will be mailed to you shortly after the registration deadline.

If you do not receive your reporting information by Monday before the regular test date, please contact the WPST office and get the information. It is your responsibility to be sure that you obtain the reporting information before the regular test date.

What to Bring with You on the Test Date

  • Acceptable photo identification for the purpose of admission to this test is:
    • current driver'€™s license
    • current passport
    • current ID card issued by the DMV
    • alien registration ("€œgreen"€) card
    • US military ID card
  • 2 black or blue ink pens.
    Do NOT bring pencils or erasable pens. Essays written in pencil will not be scored and essays written with erasable pens may be too difficult to read and therefore not scored.
  • Student ID card for the purpose of recording your student ID number

The following are items that you cannot bring with you:

  • Cell phones, pagers, alarm watches, and any other device that emits a sound are not permitted in the testing building. Any electronic device going off during the test will result in your test not being scored.
  • Calculators, dictionaries, books, any papers other than this letter, backpacks, large bags, food, or drinks are not permitted in the building during testing sessions. 
  • No visitors are permitted in the test center, and no childcare is available.

Test Time

You will be notified of the time and location of the test by mail or email approximately 7 to 10 days before the test day.

If Notification is Not Received

If you have not received notification by the Monday of the test week, call (209) 667-3069 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.