What's New in Bb

Blackboard Updates for 2018

Stan State Bb was updated to improve performance and add tools and functionality.
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Here are some of the highlights.

Drag and Drop

Drag files from your computer to the hot spot in the Attach Files area.  Some browsers may allow dragging a folder. Those files upload individually.
Drag and Drop is supported in the Assignment Link, Content Editor, Blog, Journal, Content Collection, and Portfolio.
Drag and Drop files

​If your browser does not allow the folder attachment, select Do not attach in the folder's row to remove it.  Then drag files individually.
Mac users, a file named .DS_Store will be included with the folder contents.  Click Do not attach to remove that file before completing the upload.

New Box View

The Blackboard inline grading tool is now using New Box View (NBV) to replace the retired Crocodoc service.
All previous work with Crocodoc notations remains in Bb, however, previous comments are not editable.
See the inline grading workflow with NBV.  That page also has a video about grading assignments.

Drawing Annotations and sticky Point Annotations were enabled on 3/26/18.

Crocodoc Inline Editing (left)           and     New Box View (right)

Crocodoc and New Box View comparison

NBV works best in Firefox and Chrome.  Safari users may experience issues.  We do not recommend Internet Explorer or Edge.
The initial viewing of a document may require refreshing the browser page to complete loading of the file.


Blackboard Organizations are non-course sites for Stan State colleges, departments, divisions, committees, faculty, or staff to post information, hold discussions, and share documents.
Organizations resemble Bb Courses, but are not created from the Stan State class scheduling system.

Stan State faculty or staff can request an Organization and manage the site for their users.

Student Submission Receipts

Students receive a notification for assignment attempts when they submit, by email, or in My Grades.
The receipt is captured at the time of the submission and includes information, including a receipt number.
Students can copy the receipt number to use as proof of submission.

Fewer Needs Grading Items

When students submit multiple attempts, Blackboard will filter them and hide those that don't contribute to the student's grade.
The instructor can override this by clicking a checkbox in the Needs Grading view.


Instructors can send email reminders from the Grade Center to students and group members who have missing work.
The system-generated email lists the course, the assignment, and the due date (if included in the assignment).


Ally is a service that helps make digital course content more accessible.  Instructors see an accessibility score and suggestions to improve the content's accessibility
Ally automatically generates alternative accessible formats for students:  OCR, Tagged PDF, Semantic HTML, ePub, Electronic braille, and Audio.
Ally What's New; Blackboard Help Pages: FacultyStudents

Release TBA.


About Bb Home Page Modules

Instructors Only (students see the empty modules, the Instructor sees the content)

  • Needs Attention: Displays all items in a course that require some type of interaction. Instructors and teaching assistants (TAs) see student submissions that need grading, such as assignments, tests, surveys, discussion posts, and journal and blog entries. 
  • Alerts: Displays past due and Retention Center alerts for the course. Instructors and TAs see the users who have past due items and who have generated Retention Center alerts. 

Instructors and Students

  • What's New: Displays a list of new items posted within the last seven days.
    Instructors and TAs see new tests and assignments that have been submitted, and see new discussion posts, journal and blog entries, and course messages.
    Students see new posts, new course messages, new grades posted, and new content that is available. 
    The What's New module reports changes once a day. You can see what has changed the first time you log in for the day. Changes made after you log in don't appear in the module until the next day unless you select Refresh in the Actions menu.
  • My Announcements:  Displays the Title of announcements posted within the last 7 days.  Clicking the link opens the Announcements page.

Students Only

  • To Do: Displays the status (Past Due/Due) of relevant coursework. Students see grade items that have listed due dates in two categories—what's past due and what's due in the future. Links to course items are provided.

Instructor Set Up Option

Create a second Module Page for the Instructor.  Name it My Home, or Instructor, or something you recognize as your module page. 
Add Needs Attention and Alerts modules.  
Do not check the box to make the new page Available to Users (students).
Remove Needs Attention and Alerts from the student Home Page.


Bb 3/18